Best Women's Haircut in Boston

2013 Best Women's Haircut

Chuck Bass, Jean-Pierre Salon


Chuck Bass isn’t fond of small talk (so don’t even try to land any Gossip Girl jokes). Sure, there’ll be the usual banter about what you’re looking for in a…Read More

2012 Best Women's Haircut

Salon Eva Michelle


Want a style that stops traffic? Book an appointment with Eva Mustafai. She handles her scissors with race-car-driver precision, and will find a cut that flatters your face and has…Read More

2002 Best Women's Haircut

Claudete Rizzotto, Beaucáge Salon


From Gisele’s bangs to gravity-defying J.Lo locks, nothing is too weighty a request for Brazilian-born Claudete Rizzotto. Her exacting cuts can run from high volume to low maintenance, all according…Read More

2001 Best Women's Haircut

Marisa DeMarco, Salon Mario Russo


Finally: a hairdresser who actually listens to your requests and delivers. DeMarco stays away from a on-ecut-suits-all technique, preferring to update your look gradually without any sudden, drastic changes. Based…Read More

2000 Best Women's Haircut

Gary Croteau, Salon Mario Russo


“Do you want to stand out from the crowd or do you want to blend in?” asks Croteau. But don’t fret that Croteau will cut your locks into an impossible-to-recreate…Read More

1993 Best Women's Haircut

Alan Mautino, Eco-centrix


Be warned: Mautino wears a ring in his nose, has a Mayor of Munchkinland goatee, and sports a sun-and-dolphin tattoo on his shaved scalp. But his cuts are as controlled…Read More

1992 Best Women's Haircut

Leon & Company


Go to Leon when you’re ready to chop—especially if you’re chicken. He knows how to cut around ambivalence…Read More

1990 Best Women's Haircut

Nelson Randall


Bring them your frizz, your layers, your tired locks yearning to breathe free. This high-tech, low-key salon will liberate them…Read More

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