Best Wine Shop in Boston


Streetcar Wine & Beer

Jamaica Plain

Today’s best wine shops are like the indie-record stores of yore: expertly curated and often clairvoyant when it comes to finding the album (or bottle) you never knew you needed….Read More

2015 Best Wine Shop

Social Wines

South Boston

Without pomp and pretense, this shop dares to make wine what it should be: fun. Passionate staffers are happy to guide you through their unmatched range of raw, natural wines;...Read More

2014 Best Wine Shop

Streetcar Wine & Beer

Jamaica Plain

Streetcar might not be the biggest shop in Boston, but that actually works to your advantage: Owner Michael Dupuy selects every bottle from the finest, most conscientious producers, which translates...Read More

2013 Best Wine Shop

Ball Square Fine Wines


Few wine shops are as easy (or as fun) to explore as Ball Square. There are the weekly Friday-night tastings, the nearby cheese counter for perfect fromage pairings, and the...Read More

2013 Best Wine Shop, South

Esprit du Vin


The owners here specialize in wines produced in small quantities (fewer than 10 cases). Bottles from all over the world line the shelves, designed to appeal to every budget and...Read More

2013 Best Wine Shop, North

Wine Sense


Wine Sense is small, but that’s a good thing, because you can feel confident that owner Samanta Ettore has vetted every single bottle on display. Don’t want any part in...Read More

2013 Best Wine Shop, West

The Urban Grape

Chestnut Hill

You can try on clothes before you buy—so why not taste bottles of wine beforehand, too? At the Urban Grape, an Enomatic tasting machine dispenses samples of 16 wines on...Read More

2012 Best Wine Shop

Central Bottle and Provisions


We’ve had it with snotty wine sellers. You know what? Sometimes all we want is an oaky California chardonnay. Instead of judging our palates or wallets, the folks at Central...Read More

2012 Best Wine Shop, South

Bin Ends


This emporium’s selection depends solely on the weekly deals they score from their suppliers, so buy what you love now, because it may soon be gone forever. And attention bargain...Read More

2012 Best Wine Shop, North

The Vineyard

North Andover

You’ll find hundreds of reds and whites at this small shop on Route 114, not to mention a great selection of rosé and dessert wines, all at a variety of...Read More

2012 Best Wine Shop, West

The Urban Grape

Chestnut Hill

If only wine bottles could talk. Instead, most languish on store shelves across the city, relying only on crumpled winemaker-written blurbs and outdated Robert Parker ratings to convey their quality...Read More

2011 Best Wine Shop, West

The Urban Grape

Chestnut Hill

We’re done wandering around wine shops, waiting patiently for a clerk to comb his mental archives for something we’ll enjoy. Urban Grape sells wine the way we like to buy...Read More

2011 Best Wine Shop

Ball Square Fine Wines


There are glossier retailers of rioja and champagne. But Ball Square’s supreme approachability has us bubbling over. Once a perfectly respectable neighborhood store, this shop has gradually expanded into a...Read More

2010 Best Wine Shop

Central Bottle and Provisions


We like to think we know wine. But like 99 percent of the population, we really just like to drink it. Thank heaven for Liz Vilardi, the nose-in-the-know at sparkling...Read More

2008 Best Wine Shop

Bauer Wine & Spirits


Here in the Hub, oenophiles generally have two types of stores from which to choose. There’s the overly curated boutique, where every bottle warrants its own spotlight and price hike....Read More

2007 Best Wine Shop

Wine Gallery


This standout vino peddler has always put up a broad range of bottles and good advice. But the wine jukebox—a nifty contraption that doles out samples for free—at its Brookline...Read More

2006 Best Wine Shop

Wine Galley


Wine stores tend to cater to either experts or idiots. If, like most of us, you’re somewhere in between, head to the Wine Gallery, a shop as welcoming to neophytes...Read More

2005 Best Wine Shop

Gordon’s Fine Wines & Spirits


If you love French wines, you’ll love Gordon’s. Wine director David Raines spends three months a year scouting the best from Burgundy, Alsace, and the Rhone—although he also showcases Italian...Read More

2004 Best Wine Shop

Brix Wine Shop


Brix is so different in look and concept from its competitors, people often mistake it for an expensive boutique. Don’t be fooled: Co-owners Carri Wroblewski and Klaudia Mally have created...Read More

2003 Best Wine Shop

Brookline Liquor Mart


With its oaky scent, worn wooden shelves, and thousands of bottles, Brookline Liquor Mart is simply an oenophile’s delight. This superstore has been doling out educated, accessible wine advice for...Read More

2002 Best Wine Shop

Bauer Wines & Spirits


You’ve planned the menu and invited the guests. Now you need the perfect wine to make the dinner party a success. Look no further: Bauer Wines & Spirits buyer Howie...Read More

2001 Best Wine Shop

Brookline Liquor Mart


We’re fond of smaller wine shops—Back Bay’s excellent Bauer Wine & Spirits, say, and Somerville’s Wine and Cheese Cask (where you can pick up some good bread and cheese), or...Read More

2000 Best Wine Shop, City

Brookline Liquor Mart


From the outside, this sprawling liquor store looks like any other rundown rendezvous for drunken booze-hounds. Inside, however, you’ll find one of the finest selections of vintage wine in New...Read More

2000 Best Wine Shop

Westport Rivers Vineyard’s Sparkling Wines


Vintners Bob and Carol Russell often refer to themselves as farmers rather than winemakers, though they produce a national and international award-winning series of methode Champenoise sparkling wines. These are...Read More

2000 Best Wine Shop, Suburban

Gordon’s Fine Wines


Gordon’s is Waltham’s answer to one-stop shopping for wine and spirits aficionados. The wine market has a solid foundation in Bordeaux in addition to an impressive international selection; in addition,...Read More

1999 Best Wine Shop

Brookline Liquor Mart


There are plenty of great wine stores in Boston, but what keeps Brookline one step ahead of the pack are its serious French wines—particularly Burgundies and Rhones. BLM has been...Read More

1998 Best Wine Shop

Brookline Liquor Mart


For lovers of serious french wines, Brookline Liquor Mart is one of the best stores in the country. True, if you are looking for widely available wines, you may find...Read More

1995 Best Wine Shop

Marty’s Liquors


Thousands (yes, thousands!) of bottles to choose from and several hundred beers. If you’re stuck for a selection or need advice, look for wine buyer Tom Schmeisser. He’s one of...Read More

1992 Best Wine Shop

The Wine Cask


Great selection, fair prices, and a very helpful and knowledgeable staff...Read More

1991 Best Wine Shop

Violette Wine Cellars


Richard Kzirian’s selection may seem small, but as Spencer Tracy once said, what’s there is “cherce.” Kziriain’s advice is indispensable...Read More

1979 Best Wine Shop

Jobi Liquors


The best place in town for free advice with your wine, for specials, and case discounts (10 percent). John Gilbert (236 Boylston St.) might have a better selection of reds,...Read More

1978 Best Wine Shop

Winecellar of Silene


Proprietors Jim and Lucy Hangstefer scour the vineyards of Europe and California for bargains on high-quality wines, most retailing in the two- to six-dollar range. Madeleine Kamman shops here...Read More

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