Best Wine Bar in Boston




With a wine list offering vinos from smaller producers and a menu call-out to the undervalued wonders of sherry and vermouth, Spoke is a bottlehead’s dream. Casual drinkers will appreciate…Read More

2014 Best Wine Bar



Fledgling wine aficionados, take heed: Laid-back Davis Square newcomer Spoke gamely removes the terror from the terroir, with servers who gently hold your hand through the ordering process. Of course,...Read More

2013 Best Wine Bar

Belly Wine Bar


The regions, the varietals, the vintages—the world of wine can be intimidating. Not at Belly, where the eclectic by-the-glass list is organized around lighthearted headings (like the Grease-themed “Pink Ladies”...Read More

2009 Best Wine Bar

The Butcher Shop


As the longtime wine doyenne of the Barbara Lynch empire, Cat Silirie knows her way around a corkscrew. For proof, look no further than the corner of Tremont and Waltham,...Read More

2008 Best Wine Bar

Bin 26 Enoteca


With a selection that runs from aglianicos through zinfandels and a wine list that reads like a guidebook, Bin 26 is an unknockable choice for novices looking to get their...Read More

1990 Best Wine Bar



Backs up its wine-food promotions with a changing but always excellent selection of wines unavailable elsewhere by the glass—or even by the bottle...Read More

1985 Best Wine Bar



An outpost for oenophiles in Harvard Square...Read More

1984 Best Wine Bar



Terrific list, great by-the-glass variety...Read More

1983 Best Wine Bar

The Custom House


Boston musician Fran Sheehan has put together an extensive, well-priced list at this North Shore establishment...Read More

1982 Best Wine Bar

Bunch of Grapes


The wine-bar phenomenon has barely caught on here, and this is the best of the bunch. So to speak...Read More

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