Best TV, Sportscaster in Boston

1988 Best TV, Sportscaster

John Dennis, Channel 7

We know, we know—he was Worst last year. But we’re nothing if not open-minded, and Dennis has changed our minds by providing the only consistently tough and aggressive sports reporting…Read More

1987 Best TV, Sportscaster

Bob Lobel, Channel 4

He’s in danger of succumbing to his own cult of personality. Until he does, though, he’s the straw that stirs the drink at ratings champ Channel 4…Read More

1986 Best TV, Sportscaster

Bob Lobel, Channel 4

Lobel’s strengths are his wit and his terrific on-air personality, which are so good they outweigh the fact that all too often a viewer can get more sports news on…Read More

1984 Best TV, Sportscaster

Bob Lobel, Channel 4

And getting Martin Clark to spill his guts about the Boston College basketball program looks a lot better in retrospect…Read More

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