Best Takeout in Boston




Shubie’s gets the nod this year for upping the ante in the cheese department, where scores of familiar and rarely seen varieties pack the cases: Cowgirl Creamery’s Mount Tam, Jasper…Read More

2008 Best Takeout, West

La Provence


Those smug Concord so-and-sos. It’s not enough they’ve got bragging rights on historic charm and sterling schools; they also get La Provence and its viands par excellence coming and going....Read More

2008 Best Takeout, Neighborhood, North End



Two-handed sandwiches, plentiful fresh pasta and salads, and a counter staff that knows how to keep the line moving at a good clip. Bravo!

2008 Best Takeout, Neighborhood, South Boston

Lithuanian Kitchen


Those in the know head to the South Boston Lithuanian Club’s basement for hearty, authentic Eastern European fare. Alas, weekends only...Read More

2008 Best Takeout, Neighborhood, Charlestown

Ironside Grill


The Ironside serves the Chuck’s finest fries (mmm … sweet potato) and boasts carryout standouts in its Monte Cristo sandwich and burgers...Read More

2008 Best Takeout, Neighborhood, Roslindale

BBQ Town


Given its deep-south (of Boston) location, Rozzie appropriately has a first-rate ‘cue joint. Ribs, fried chicken, pulled pork, and oh, that tangy sauce...Read More

2008 Best Takeout, Neighborhood, Allston

S&I to Go


Notwithstanding Allston’s gobsmacking collection of world cuisines, it’s still tough to beat Thai—especially when it’s done this fast, cheap, and satisfying...Read More

2008 Best Takeout, Neighborhood, Central Square

Basta Pasta


This is saucy, full-bodied Italian (stuffed eggplant, chicken cacciatore)—and most of it for under 10 bucks...Read More

2008 Best Takeout, Neighborhood, Davis Square

Dave’s Fresh Pasta


The overfilled sandwiches are ideal for scarfing, but for an easy elegant dinner, load up on to-die-for ravioli and house-made sauce...Read More

2008 Best Takeout, Neighborhood, Fenway/Symphony

La Verdad


The Mexican restaurant’s adjoining taqueria bags up memorably spicy burritos, tacos, and guacamole—everything needed for an at-home fiesta...Read More

2008 Best Takeout, Neighborhood, Washington Square

Super Fusion Cuisine


Sushi by former Fugakyu chef Sam Huang translates into similar quality at a more digestible price. And with only a dozen seats here, takeout’s a given...Read More

2007 Best Takeout, Beacon Hill



2007 Best Takeout, Harvard Square

9 Tastes


2007 Best Takeout, Restaurant, North



Propriety meets gluttony in this new gourmet shop, which takes its them—though thankfully not its cuisin—from the British empire. Instead of bangers and mash, there’s an amusingly twee menu of...Read More

2007 Best Takeout, Back Bay



2006 Best Takeout, Restaurant, South

Gimme the Skinny


Most places that brag about their low calorie counts make poor advertisements for healthy eating. What a pleasant surprise, then, to dig into a meal at Gimme the Skinny. Its...Read More

2006 Best Takeout, Restaurant, West

Bakers’ Best Catering

Newton Highlands

When the only thing the family can agree on is not to sweat over a hot stove, 10-time winner Bakers’ Best has got something to satisfy every craving: Dieting Dad...Read More

2006 Best Takeout, Neighborhood, Beacon Hill

The Upper Crust


There’s no need to feel guilty about takeout when ordering the light white spinach pie to go...Read More

2006 Best Takeout, Neighborhood, Back Bay



Scoozi’s prosciutto pizza, pressed paninis, and people-watching are big hits with the locals...Read More

2006 Best Takeout, Neighborhood, South End

Lionette’s Market


Takeout doesn’t have to be cheap and greasy. Lionette’s is fresh, healthy, and unforgettable...Read More

2006 Best Takeout, Neighborhood, Jamaica Plain

JP Seafood Café

Jamaica Plain

The fish is fresh; the service, friendly. And (bonus) they deliver...Read More

2006 Best Takeout, Neighborhood, Harvard Square

Darwin’s Ltd.


Baked goods, killer sandwiches, and hit-the-spot entrées make Darwin’s an all-day destination...Read More

2006 Best Takeout, Neighborhood, Brookline

Super Fusion Cuisine


Superfresh sushi (plus nigiri, tempura, and teriyaki), served up superfast...Read More

2005 Best Takeout, South

Gimme the Skinny


Do we really need overpriced, over-greased, artery-clogging takeout? Not anymore, if Gimme the Skinny has anything to do with it. At this takeout hot spot, a circle of chefs whips...Read More

2005 Best Takeout, West

Bakers’ Best

Newton Highlands

Takeout in the ‘burbs isn’t all soggy pizza and greasy Chinese. Bakers’ Best has the food you’d make yourself, if only you had the time. Delicious choices—from chicken piccatta to...Read More

2005 Best Takeout

Flour Bakery + Café


When 9 to 5 becomes 9 to 9, takeout joints become a blessing. But how much hot-and-sour soup can one person eat? South End hot spot Flour now serves a...Read More

2005 Best Takeout, North



Planning a gourmet summer picnic? Head to Shubie’s and shop for crème fraîche, mountain Gorgonzola, and handcrafted baguettes, as well as salmon steaks and rosemary lamb chops. Its wine store...Read More

2004 Best Takeout, West

Bakers’ Best

Newton Highlands

Although it has expanded its dining area, we love Bakers’ Best most for its sophisticated takeout options. Everything comes with detailed reheating directions that will fool your guests into thinking...Read More

2003 Best Takeout, West

Bakers’ Best

Newton Highlands

The increasingly popular sit-down service is good, too (especially for Saturday and Sunday brunch), but it’s the takeout that sets this Newton Highlands institution apart. The friendly staff will wrap...Read More

2003 Best Takeout, Restaurant

Marching and Chowder


We wish we had thought of this—a take-home-dinner kiosk in the middle of South Station. You can peruse the daily updated online menu ( from the comfort of your office,...Read More

2001 Best Takeout, South

Gimme the Skinny


You can get decent takeout dinners anywhere. But gourmet low-fat? This shop specializes in event catering, but you can order individual meals as well: apricot-glazed chicken over brown rice, spinach...Read More

2001 Best Takeout, West

Bakers’ Best

Newton Highlands

Some days you don’t want to even decide on dinner, never mind cook it. Thank goodness this Newton Highlands restaurant chooses for you with a monthly dinner menu, two specials...Read More

2001 Best Takeout, Gourmet

The Seasonal Table


Imagine, if you will, a place with simple, well-prepared foods, a courteous and friendly staff, and truly terrific international noshes. Welcome to the Seasonal Table—one-stop shopping for epicures and entertainers...Read More

2001 Best Takeout, North

Grange Gourmet


On the quieter (i.e., not downtown Gloucester) side of Cape Ann, this erstwhile grange building is home to gourmet sandwiches, salads, a tiny seating area (great for local gossip) and...Read More

2000 Best Takeout, Gourmet

Baker’s Best


When you find a place that provides tasty gourmet dinners without excess fat and salt, you remember the address. Baker’s Best boasts dishes like grilled tamarind-glazed shrimp, fresh grilled vegetables,...Read More

1996 Best Takeout

Sorelle Bakery Cafe


Lunch or dinner to go is always tops here. Great salads (terrific balsamic vinaigrette for greens), pastas, sandwiches, and excellent meatloaf. Finish the meal with orange-walnut-pepper biscotti or turtle squares...Read More

1995 Best Takeout

Stephanie’s on Newbury


Great salads, delicious entrees, and terrific desserts make this our favorite stop on the way home from work when the day’s been a dud and only a Chinese chicken salad...Read More

1995 Best Takeout, Suburban

Baker’s Best

Newton Highlands

Fabulous chicken (the piccata is especially wonderful), great veggie pizzas and calzones, and some of the best Caesar salad we’ve ever had. They’ll even cater your weekend party, or—chicken soup...Read More

1990 Best Takeout

Boca Grande


All we can say is that we wish Boca Grande were next door to our offices. The chicken burrito can’t be beat...Read More

1989 Best Takeout

Caffè Gianni


It must be those Larson genes. Jonathan Larson, Michela’s younger brother, has scored again for the family in Caffè Gianni...Read More

1983 Best Takeout, Gourmet



Especially her pecan pie. Liz Taylor requested it during her Private Lives stint here...Read More

1982 Best Takeout, Chinese



Run over here for duck, chicken, or pork after you leave Ho Yuen...Read More

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