Best Sushi, West in Boston

2007 Best Sushi, West



Oga’s is the kind of place that breeds fanatics: Die-hards go once a week, sometimes more. If the joint doesn’t look like much at first, one bite of the spicy…Read More

2006 Best Sushi, West


Chestnut Hill

Sushi restaurants these days often look like futuristic temples, and the newfangled rolls they serve are themselves elaborate works of architecture. So it may seem surprising that a cramped 13-seat…Read More

2005 Best Sushi, West


Chestnut Hill

Faithful followers suggest that perennial Best of Boston winner Oishii serves the best sushi in New England. Rare (and delectably dangerous) options such as blowfish hold court with traditional rolls…Read More

2004 Best Sushi, West


Chestnut Hill

Bragging rights for best sushi in the western suburbs (or all of the greater Boston area, for that matter) may just have to be laid permanently at this tiny spot….Read More

2003 Best Sushi, West

Oishii Sushi Bar

Chestnut Hill

You’ll likely be saying “oishii” (Japanese for “delicious”) after one bite of the fresh, flavorful sushi from this Chestnut Hill hot spot. The restaurant may have barely a dozen seats,…Read More

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