Best Sunglasses in Boston


Warby Parker


Styled to look like a library, this eyewear company’s bustling Newbury Street store carries flattering, affordable shades for men and women (all available with prescription lenses). And while Warby Parker…Read More

2013 Best Sunglasses

Lunette Optic


A good pair of sunglasses possesses a strange power to make you look and feel glamorous, even when you’re slumming it in sweats. Lunette Optic has long been our trusted...Read More

2012 Best Sunglasses

Vizio Optic


What do Steve McQueen in The Thomas Crown Affair and Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s have in common? Killer shades, of course. Get your own movie-star-worthy lenses at Vizio,...Read More

2010 Best Sunglasses

Saks Fifth Avenue


Good shades can turn an ugly duckling into a red-carpet darling in seconds. But finding the right pair isn’t always so simple. At Saks, men and women can choose from...Read More

2009 Best Sunglasses

Saks Fifth Avenue


Whether required for stalking an ex, masking last night’s excesses, or just plain blocking the sun, sunglasses are a very personal accessory—they’re the shades on the windows to one’s soul,...Read More

2007 Best Sunglasses

Saks Fifth Avenue


Saks’s recently overhauled first floor made room for an unparalleled lineup of shades, ranging from affordable (Armani, Blinde) to splurge (Chanel, Fendi)...Read More

1982 Best Sunglasses, Selection

High Society


Lots of Claire McCardell glasses for $8 a pair. Even in the middle of winter...Read More

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