Best South Boston Restaurant in Boston


Franklin Southie


You don’t need reservations to snag a seat at this local favorite, where the fritto misto and steak tartare are best chased with a pickleback. What to Order: The fried…Read More

2012 Best South Boston Restaurant, Neighborhood

Local 149

South Boston

The fried Brussels sprouts smothered in chipotle-lime sauce justify a trip to this one-and-a-half-year-old hot spot all by themselves. But as long as we’re here, we’ll also take the tater...Read More

2011 Best South Boston Restaurant, Casual

Franklin Southie

South Boston

The problem with comfort food is that you often must make sacrifices to get it ? ambiance, booze selection, etc. Not so at Franklin Café’s Southie outpost, which features a...Read More

2010 Best South Boston Restaurant, Neighborhood

St. Alphonzo’s Kitchen


The best local spots offer more than just a good dinner at a fair price; they also provide a window into the neighborhood. At St. Alphonzo’s, the shoebox of a...Read More

2009 Best South Boston Restaurant, Neighborhood

St. Alphonzo’s


In the gap between Southie’s working-class past and emerging condo-class future, St. Alphonzo’s stands as a small marvel of a bridge: authentic but not staid, polished but not pretentious. Owned...Read More

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