Best Shoe Shine in Boston


David’s Instant Shoe Repair

Nothing ruins a good pair of Ferragamos like a scuff. Or sidewalk salt. Or dog poop. So if you’ve got road hazards nipping at your heels, let us suggest you…Read More

2005 Best Shoe Shine

Prudential Center Shoe Shine and Repair


George Trantafillidis learned his trade from his father, who operated out of the same closet-size space for 36 years. Even the scruffiest loafers pose no challenge to his shoeshining skills,...Read More

2004 Best Shoe Shine

Anderson Andrade


Some polishing jobs are so ineffective, they just seem like an excuse to take a load off for a few minutes. Not polishes by Anderson Andrade, who works his craft...Read More

1999 Best Shoe Shine

A Shining Example


When your shoes need to be as buff as the rest of you, head here. Three factors separate a great shoeshine from a merely good one. First, the high wooden...Read More

1994 Best Shoe Shine

A Shining Example


There are plenty of good shoeshines around town, but only A Shining Example will come to your office to shine your shoes ($3), repair neckties and shoes, and provide stress-reduction...Read More

1993 Best Shoe Shine

Eugene Bly


This street philosopher’s insights into life are worth $2 or $3, and you get a fine shine, too...Read More

1982 Best Shoe Shine

Van Dyke’s Shine


Ann Connor inherits the polish and brushes from Lisa Roberts, who shined the shoes of Burt Reynolds and the French ambassador, for what it’s worth...Read More

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