Best Service in Boston


La Brasa


Service is best judged by the times when things go awry. Take, for example, a recent meal at this warm, boisterous Somerville restaurant and market, when a dining companion dropped…Read More

2014 Best Service

Eastern Standard


This Kenmore Square institution made its name catering to a wide range of diners—Sox fans, tourists, restaurant industry types, students, the list goes on—and treating them all as if they...Read More

2013 Best Service

O Ya


Rare is the restaurant that offers a $285 tasting menu and plays Vanilla Ice in the dining room. But the unobtrusive environs here—paired with the bites of exquisite sashimi, of...Read More

2012 Best Service

Bistro du Midi


Any restaurant can decrumb your table or change your silverware 500 times during a meal. True service is something else entirely, and no one does it better than Bistro du...Read More

2011 Best Service



So many spots that boast great service smother you with attention, inserting themselves into your dinner conversation at every turn. Not Menton, where service isn’t so much about delivering as...Read More

2008 Best Service



The fourth member of our party was late. Family-emergency late. Should’ve-canceled late. An hour into our reservation, we approached GM (and co-owner) Kerri Foley: We didn’t know how much longer...Read More

2007 Best Service



Perhaps the reason Mistral’s service is so superior is because the majority of the staff have been on board since the place opened 10 years ago. Or maybe it’s that...Read More

1996 Best Service, Department Store


Chestnut Hill

Hell-o-o-o! Can anybody help me? Where is everybody? The hardest thing to find in a department store these days is a salesperson. And even when you find one, too often...Read More

1994 Best Service


In this era, when time is more pressing than ever, the ambience of Miltons revolves around service, service, and more service. You could buy a suit here in record time...Read More

1990 Best Service

The Atrium

Valets, personal shoppers, and a convenient and free parking garage...Read More

1989 Best Service

The Ritz Café, Ritz-Carlton Hotel


With Joe, the maître d’, and Carlos, everybody’s favorite waiter, the Ritz Café gives you a good clue about what it’s like to be Prince Charles or Lady Di...Read More

1978 Best Service

Nino Todesco

The former maitre d’ of the Ritz dining room has been at Maison Robert taking good care of his numerous devotees for the past couple of years. Now, he’s going...Read More

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