Best Seafood Market in Boston


New Deal Fish Market


Local retail seafood options are a pretty shabby lot. And at first gander, New Deal, a no-frills fish market masquerading as a bodega, doesn’t seem like an exception. Nonperishables appear…Read More

1999 Best Seafood Market, Smoked Fish

Boyajian’s Smoked North Atlantic Salmon

Smoky, see-through, and silky, it’s perfect for Sunday brunch, but almost too good to be smothered with cream cheese on a bagel. Instead, we prefer it on toast with chopped...Read More

1998 Best Seafood Market, Smoked Salmon

Spence Farms


Something in between creating the sea and the ski, God made smoke salmon. This particular incarnation is buttery soft, subtly smoky, and perfect for any meal of the day. Ideal...Read More

1995 Best Seafood Market, Smoked Salmon

Boyajian Inc.


John Boyajian Jr. has gained a national reputation for his imported caviars, his citrus and olive oils—and now his smoked North Atlantic salmon. No wonder Chuck Williams put it on...Read More

1982 Best Seafood Market



The freshest seafoods. Doesn’t even smell like a fish market...Read More

1981 Best Seafood Market

Bay State Lobster Company


The freshest fish in the city, and fair prices to boot. Given the pressure to gentrify the waterfront, how long can it last?

1980 Best Seafood Market



The fish are on ice and cut right in front of you...Read More

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