Best Salad in Boston


Sebastian’s Cafe


You want to be healthy, honest you do. But it’s hard when you can’t be sure just how long that mesclun has been sitting in the salad bar. The greens,…Read More

2006 Best Salad

Eastern Standard


Technically, it’s a salad ($11). But the house special here is a dieter’s nightmare and a foodie’s fantasy: Crisp, bitter frisée is balanced with salty bacon, braised sweetbreads, a still-runny...Read More

1998 Best Salad, Caesar, Traditional

The Ritz-Carlton Dining Room


The classic light meal for the lunching-ladies set. Here, it’s prepared tableside in a huge bowl with raw egg, Worcestershire sauce and a flourish. You’ll still have room enough for...Read More

1998 Best Salad, Caesar, Chicken



Okay, so we’re crazy about Caesar salad, but Bill Poirer and friends get that ’90s classic lunch right. Lemony and crisp, dressing ample enough to coat the romaine leaves but...Read More

1998 Best Salad, Chicken

Stephanie’s on Newbury Street


This take on the classic chicken salad is blessedly light on the mayo and heavy on the chicken. Capers and fresh herbs add flavor to the oversize chunks of breast...Read More

1998 Best Salad, Tuna

Formaggio Kitchen


Dill tuna at Formaggio Kitchen is simply too good for school lunchboxes. A hint of fresh dill makes this the adult version of kiddie comfort food. With just enough mayo...Read More

1997 Best Salad, Chicken

Baker’s Best

Newton Highlands

This delicious salad might well tempt a vegetarian to reconsider. Perfectly diced pieces of chicken are tossed in a light mayonnaise that hints of fresh herbs. The shop is also...Read More

1980 Best Salad, Spinach



Very nice, with lots of bacon. We like the chowder, too...Read More

1978 Best Salad, House

Cafe Cybele


Our food critic called the leafy creations of Cafe Cybele in the South Market Building “tidy little masterpieces”: varied veggies in a sublime vinaigrette bound with egg and cream...Read More

1975 Best Salad, Chef's

Locke-Ober’s Restaurant

A collage of crisp lettuce, slices of sweet ham and generous chunks of turkey concocted by a Michelangelo among salad makers...Read More

1974 Best Salad, Bar

Parker House’s Last Hurrah

The editors have concurred that no sane individual selects a restaurant by the merits of its salad bar. But they’re popular nowadays. If you want the best, go to the...Read More

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