Best Romantic Restaurant in Boston




This lovable Porter Square trattoria specializes in subtlety, right down to its dim lighting, intimate ambiance, and exposed-brick walls. The straightforward dishes—delicate house-made gelato and hand-rolled pastas with simple sauces,…Read More

2015 Best Romantic Restaurant

Centre Street Café

Jamaica Plain

This newly revamped neighborhood café is effortlessly sexy—no mood lighting or drippy molten chocolate cake. Instead, it offers cozy seating (especially at the prime table by the exposed kitchen) mixed...Read More

2014 Best Romantic Restaurant



Ambiance is in the eye of the beholder: One man’s intimate mood-lit heaven is another’s cramped low-lit hell. But once in a blue moon an eatery comes along that approaches...Read More

2013 Best Romantic Restaurant

T. W. Food


Sparks fly every time we enter the unassuming front door of this charming Cambridge eatery. Maybe it’s the sparse, soft-lit dining room, filled with just 10 white-linen-topped tables accented by...Read More

2012 Best Romantic Restaurant, Upscale



Stepping into Bondir is like entering a softer, kinder, and happier universe—a place where everyone exudes a drowsy warmth enhanced by soft lighting and seemingly bottomless wineglasses. Ease into the...Read More

2011 Best Romantic Restaurant



We’re not saying the views from the dining room of this grand 19th-century Italianate palazzo make the food taste better. But there’s something about sitting in the glassed-in portico with...Read More

2011 Best Romantic Restaurant, North

Ceia Kitchen and Bar


If the rustic-meets-modern, exposed-brick décor doesn’t get you, there’s always the savory Gorgonzola-stuffed olives. If those don’t do the trick, a bite of chef Billy Brandolini’s citrus-poached halibut with squash...Read More

2011 Best Romantic Restaurant, Upscale

Hungry Mother


Sometimes the best way to the heart is with food ;from the heart, and that’s exactly what Hungry Mother’s Barry Maiden delivers. A Virginia native, he injects southern flavors into...Read More

2011 Best Romantic Restaurant, West


West Newton

Pike traffic is a proven romance killer. Which is why it’s a good thing Newton has its own spot to sip, sup, and swoon. The dining room’s billowy fabric sets...Read More

2011 Best Romantic Restaurant, Affordable

No. 9 Park


Chalk it up to the anticipation of an unforgettable meal, the warm reception proffered at the host stand, or maybe just the impact of that briskly shaken craft cocktail in...Read More

2011 Best Romantic Restaurant, Nantucket

American Seasons


The candlelit, farmhouse-style dining room will get you started, and a bottle from the all-American wine list will complete the effect. Chef Michael LaScola’s cuisine is well suited to sharing:...Read More

2009 Best Romantic Restaurant



Lovebirds find a year-round habitat in Oleana, which beckons with a lush hidden garden in summer months and a cozy fireplace when the snow flies, as well as a menu...Read More

2009 Best Romantic Restaurant, Affordable

Ten Tables

Jamaica Plain

Talk about spreading the love. This year the team at Ten Tables expanded across the Charles, giving Hub cuddlers the choice of intimacy (the tiny J.P. original) or intrigue (the...Read More

2008 Best Romantic Restaurant, North



On the approach—down a dismal stretch of highway, across from a gas station—Evenfall scarcely looks the date-night part. Enter, though, and the picture improves as you discover a space that’s...Read More

2008 Best Romantic Restaurant

Upstairs on the Square


Amid pastel-colored walls (so charming!), fireplaces (so cozy!), and food like Wellfleet oysters on the half shell with yuzu ice (so flirtatious!), what makes this the Hub’s most romantic option...Read More

2008 Best Romantic Restaurant, Affordable



Dim lighting and deep red accents set the mood at Grotto, an Italian eatery nestled into the eastern slope of Beacon Hill. Chef-owner Scott Herritt delivers unexpected luxury in his...Read More

2007 Best Romantic Restaurant



Morocco could teach us all a thing or two about romance. At Tangierino, groups gather at intimate booths shrouded by gauzy curtains, while couples sit side by side on plush...Read More

2007 Best Romantic Restaurant, Nantucket



A low-key ambiance and an ever changing wellspring of impressively fresh Italian-influenced far—house-made gnocchi, chocolate-hazelnut-espresso semifreddo—accented with locally grown produce earn Sfoglia raves as an artful dining destination. It’s also...Read More

2007 Best Romantic Restaurant, Martha's Vineyard



Every summer weekend night, local pianist John Alaimo tickles the ivories at Atria, further charming the diners delighting in chef Christian Thornton’s serious dishes with not-so-serious names: Cod Is Great,...Read More

2007 Best Romantic Restaurant, Affordable

Ten Tables

Jamaica Plain

The 10 menu items at this petite boite, including meats and homemade pastas, list for $21 or less, and the vibe is as sweet as it gets. Your date—and your...Read More

2006 Best Romantic Restaurant, Berkshires



Overnighting at a Lenox mansion is a thrill in its own right, so we recommend you combine a sumptuous meal at Blantyre with an equally luxurious stay. Striking tapers, crystal...Read More

2006 Best Romantic Restaurant



The better the food, the flirtier we feel. And chef Frank McClelland’s tasting menu really revs our engines. With choices from white asparagus and oyster salad to decadent poached lobster...Read More

2006 Best Romantic Restaurant, Cape Cod



Weekenders who’ve had their fill of dockside clam shacks and need a dose of romantic civility find it at Chillingsworth, where they’re cosseted by waitstaff bearing foie gras with sun-dried...Read More

2006 Best Romantic Restaurant, Affordable



Of all the romantic spots in the always romantic North End, tiny Carmen is the top pick for getting into the mood without breaking the bank. The close quarters (the...Read More

2005 Best Romantic Restaurant, Berkshires


Great Barrington

A romantic stay in the Berkshires is not complete without a visit to Verdura, a cozy spot that oozes charm. Northern Italian classic cuisine and an inspired wine list make...Read More

2005 Best Romantic Restaurant, Cape Cod

Belfry Inne and Bistro


You’ll thank the Lord that the owners of the Belfry saw the light and created this cozy, romantic inn and bistro in what used to be a Catholic church. Stained-glass...Read More

2005 Best Romantic Restaurant



Sometimes it feels as if romance has all but vanished. Luckily there’s L’Espalier, where Frank McClelland’s sumptuous cuisine is guaranteed to set hearts aflutter. Settle into a table at one...Read More

2005 Best Romantic Restaurant, South

Bia Bistro


Bia is a labor of love for owners Tristen and Brian Houlihan—and a setting for love for the rest of us. The food hits plenty of amour-inspiring notes with time-honored...Read More

2005 Best Romantic Restaurant, Affordable

Tasca Spanish Tapas Restaurant


Far from the hubbub of the North End and the glitz of Back Bay, Brighton’s Tasca has found its way into the affections of couples seeking quiet, affordable romance. First...Read More

2005 Best Romantic Restaurant, Nantucket

American Seasons


It’s dark in here. That’s one of the reasons couples come in to snuggle up. The other is what amounts to a cross-country tour of American cuisine. We suggest sticking...Read More

2005 Best Romantic Restaurant, Martha's Vineyard

The Sweet Life Café

Oak Bluffs

Once you and your sweetheart have strolled the beach and sailed at sunset, your next romantic rendezvous should be dinner at the Sweet Life Café. This upscale eatery serves fresh...Read More

2004 Best Romantic Restaurant, Martha's Vineyard



Housed in a glass atrium attached to the island’s most exclusive inn (the Relais & Chateaux-affiliated Charlotte Inn), this restaurant continues to charm with its alluring mix of casual elegance,...Read More

2004 Best Romantic Restaurant, North



Sometimes all it takes to stir up emotion is a little hole-in-the-wall restaurant with drippy candles and a few two-tops. Other times the road to love is paved with linen...Read More

2004 Best Romantic Restaurant



Maybe you can’t buy love, but you can most certainly feed it. Just ask the staff at L’Espalier, which has been trained to produce a dining experience as mesmerizing as...Read More

2004 Best Romantic Restaurant, West

Le Soir Bistro


This elegant boîte radiates such warm, intimate energy that if you’re not in love by the time you’ve chosen an appetizer (lobster and fennel profiteroles, perhaps?), you’ll surely swoon when...Read More

2004 Best Romantic Restaurant, South

Petit Paris Bistro


Romantic meals in France are often more about joie de vivre than over-the-top luxury. The same could be said of Scituate—at least when it feels like the quatrième arrondissement. And...Read More

2004 Best Romantic Restaurant, Affordable

Lala Rokh


With Thai food on every corner and henna tattoos sold at the mall, the truly exotic is hard to find anymore. That’s why this atmospheric Beacon Hill restaurant is the...Read More

2003 Best Romantic Restaurant



The maitre d’ at L’Espalier is so accustomed to proposals among his customers, he’ll happily dispense advice about where to conceal the ring. It’s all part of the superb and...Read More

2003 Best Romantic Restaurant, West

Le Soir


It could be the soft lighting and rich hues of creamy taupe, burgundy, and deep orange in the dining room. Maybe it’s the Francophile’s dream of a wine list. It...Read More

2002 Best Romantic Restaurant, Affordable



2002 Best Romantic Restaurant, Upscale



Significant others seem even more significant in certain settings. At Pigalle, for instance, where the smart and sweet service, delightful food, superb wines, and candlelit room all make the deep,...Read More

2002 Best Romantic Restaurant, West



Stellina will gently coax you into warm receptivity with its quirky, comfortable atmosphere, seductive northern Italian fare (think figs baked with gorgonzola and toasted walnuts), and inviting wine list. Of...Read More

2001 Best Romantic Restaurant, North

Stone Soup Café


Want a table for Valentine’s Day? Reserve it now. This intimate American restaurant is so much in demand that North Shore residents eagerly sign up months in advance to celebrate...Read More

2001 Best Romantic Restaurant



Planning to pop the question? Get thee to L’Espalier, a restaurant so famous for serving as the site of proposals that the front dining room has been nicknamed the “seduction...Read More

2001 Best Romantic Restaurant, West


West Newton

West Newton, romantic? You bet. And if the name Lumière doesn’t make you feel like you’re lost in a French fantasy, the billowy, low-lit fabric rippling in waves across the...Read More

2001 Best Romantic Restaurant, Affordable



2000 Best Romantic Restaurant, Affordable



2000 Best Romantic Restaurant, Gourmet



Chef Jody Adams is clearly a romantic: Her menu is loaded with graceful, elegant dishes that can make even the most stoic diner swoon. Her refined palate is tempered with...Read More

1998 Best Romantic Restaurant



A warm and radiant person must be at the heart of a romantic restaurant, and chef-owner Corinna Mozo fills this sweet subterranean spot with her love of cooking and a...Read More

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