Best Pub in Boston


Piers Park


This hideaway on Eastie’s fringes isn’t easy to find, but the payoff is lovely: the most glorious views in the city. Promenade to the edge of the pier, recline on…Read More

2011 Best Public Golf Course, South

Granite Links Golf Club


Carved out of a quarry and shaped by 900,000 truckloads of dirt from the Big Dig, Granite Links was years in the making, and stands as a testament to what...Read More

2010 Best Pub Grub

Lower Depths Tap Room


This Kenmore Square taproom raises the, ahem, bar on pub food. Try the build-your-own Fenway Franks, one of the crispy tater tot varieties (like ‘poutine tots’ or ‘tots mexicana’), or...Read More

2009 Best Pub Grub

Matt Murphys


Aside from a bounty of cheap burgers and greasy fries, this year’s tour of pub grub options turned up a surprising lack of substantial (read: tummy-filling) dishes. Except, that is,...Read More

2007 Best Pub Grub

Bukowski Tavern


A great pub is measured not only by its pints, but also by the quality of the food it offers to absorb all that booze. Bukowksi’s, for its part, offers...Read More

2002 Best Public Relations Turnaround

Red Sox

The Boston Red Sox front office, which under its new ownership has actually noticed—apparently for the first time in 101 years—that it has fans to answer to...Read More

1999 Best Pub, Brew

Back Bay Brewing Company


In years past, we anointed Back Bay, but with one reservation. Brewmeister Tod Mott always made the damn small-batch beers this side of the Mississippi. (His seasonal Imperial stout is...Read More

1998 Best Pub, Brew

Back Bay Brewing Company


No matter how much they tinker with the menu, the food never gets beyond adequate, not to mention over-priced. But Tod Mott still brews the best damn small-batch beers. His...Read More

1997 Best Pub, Brew

Back Bay Brewing Co.


The vittles range from basic barbeque to frou-frou. But anyone who goes to a brew pub for the food is missing the point, which, obviously, is the beer. Back Bay...Read More

1994 Best Pub

John Harvard’s Brew House


Could be the largest cozy tavern in town. The Old Willy India Pale Ale is heavenly, especially when used to wash down the grilled sausage...Read More

1988 Best Public Relations Effort

Bill Rodgers’s

Last December, the Boston Marathoner went to the Globe with a sob story about how evil Bank of Boston was foreclosing on his happy Dover home to settle a bank...Read More

1987 Best Public Green Space

The Public Garden

We know, we always say the Public Garden. And until we find someplace better…

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