Best Produce in Boston




Every summer, Russo’s front yard looks like a veritable grotto—lined with row after row of blooming petunias, peonies, and poms. The colorful freshness continues inside, where rustic wooden bins overflow…Read More

2013 Best Produce Shop

Siena Farms South End


Chris Kurth and Ana Sortun’s 50-acre Sudbury farm supplies some of the area’s top restaurants with fresh produce—and, through their brick-and-mortar shop in the South End, many local home kitchens...Read More

2012 Best Produce

Siena Farms


When farmers’ market season arrives, it’s off to Copley Square for us, where we stock up on greens and herbs from Sudbury’s Siena Farms. Come winter, though, we suffer from...Read More

2007 Best Produce Shop



Gourmet purveyors offering just five perfect pears tagged at $5 apiece are all well and good, but we prefer this veggie Valhalla, where fresh fennel and pluots are piled alongside...Read More

1998 Best Produce, General

Wilson Farms


This farm’s tomatoes are the best summer heat antidote— fleshy and cool, never mealy. The papayas are huge, and the corn— well, teens say it’s worth biting into, braces be...Read More

1998 Best Produce, Vegetables

A. Russo and Sons


If you’re fed up with the less-than-appealing look and less-than-inspiring selection of veggies at your local chain grocery, head over to A. Russo and Sons. It may be a bit...Read More

1997 Best Produce

A. Russo and Sons


try as we might to avoid repeating ourselves, Russo wins again. Whether it’s ramps or radishes you’re after, head to this Watertown institution (founded in 1925) to stock up on...Read More

1996 Best Produce



Beautiful produce with an emphasis on Caribbean items. We like chewing on the fresh sugar cane and sipping fresh coconut juice straight from huge green coconuts...Read More

1996 Best Produce, Shop

Tony’s Produce


Don’t ask for prices at Tony’s—just choose from the tempting produce—everything from lemons to melons to fiddlehead ferns, in season. The low overhead in this no-frills shop will be reflected...Read More

1995 Best Produce



A vast array of produce, not only incredibly fresh but also reasonably priced, draws weekend crowds to this market. Check out the shop’s excellent selection of fresh herbs, New England...Read More

1992 Best Produce, Vendor

Bread & Circus

The freshest and most beautiful produce in town, yes, but the commitment to organic produce is what makes this store outstanding...Read More

1982 Best Produce

Le Jardin


Fresh morels, raddichio, arugula. And you wonder why Cambridge chefs like Julia Child are always smiling...Read More

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