Best Pet Store in Boston


Pawsh Dog Boutique


It’s no wonder Gisele Bundchen stops at Pawsh with her handsome Yorkie: The couture collection of doggie apparel and upscale grooming services makes the daily walk look more like a…Read More

2008 Best Pet Store

Polka Dog Bakery


The trash bin at the Shawmut-Milford intersection brims with the other kind of doggie bag, the calling cards of tail-wagging patrons who find plenty of reasons to stop here: two...Read More

2007 Best Pet Store

Polka Dog Bakery


Puffy’s not the best shopping companion: drooling on merchandise, constantly demanding attention, invading strangers’ personal space. Any place that overlooks —welcomes, even—such unseemly habits scores big with us. This year...Read More

1998 Best Pet Store, Supplies


Okay, so this massive warehouse chain has great prices on a huge selection. No surprise there. But it also offers surprisingly good service. You’re greeted right after entering the store...Read More

1997 Best Pet Store

P.J.’s Pet Center


Thank God, an animal supermarket that hasn’t succumbed to the Chain Store Massacre. The fresh- and saltwater fish selections are astounding, with the occasional availability of stingrays, three-foot snowflake eels,...Read More

1995 Best Pet Store

Just For Pets Superstore


Two huge aisles of rawhide chews, a doggie “salad” bar, fish food, cat food, dog food, rabbit food, plus all the gear you need to keep your beast in luxury,...Read More

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