Best News in Boston


Trident Booksellers & Café


Any old Store 24 or CVS has the household names—GQ, Vanity Fair, Wired, a certain city mag you may have heard of—and yes, it surely is convenient to load up…Read More

2007 Best Newsstand

Out of Town News


We here at Boston appreciate every newsstand—especially the ones that give our issues prime real estate. But our highest esteem is reserved for the venerable Out of Town News, which...Read More

2006 Best Newsstand

Trident Booksellers & Café


For atavistic hearts who still take pleasure in the smell of newsprint and the crackle of magazine stock, a trip to the Trident is a trip to paradise. The bookstore-cum-newsstand-cum-restaurant...Read More

2005 Best Newsstand

Trident Booksellers and Café


Die-hard magazine enthusiasts who can’t wait to devour their favorite glossies have found a home at Trident. The well-chosen mix of popular publications and obscure journals—from the New Yorker to...Read More

2003 Best Newsstand

Out of Town News


What separates the men from the boys when it comes to newsstands? Easy: the selection of newspapers. Store shelves and kiosks with broad selections of glossy magazines are everywhere these...Read More

2002 Best Newsstand

Out of Town News


Truth be told, the magazine racks at the downtown Borders offer as wide a selection as the homegrown newsstands in Harvard and Copley squares. But browsing for magazines and newspapers...Read More

2001 Best Newspaper, Most Overpriced


2001 Best Newsstand

Out of Town News


Big-city newsstands have mostly gone the way of afternoon dailies, but there are a couple of exceptions. Out of Town News gets the nod this year for four reasons. First,...Read More

2000 Best Newsstand

Copley Square News


Max Kaiserman’s newsstand is a great example of spatial economy. Situated on just a few square feet of pavement, it manages to cram in everything from literary quarterlies and Italian...Read More

1999 Best Newsstand

Out of Town News


Where else can you satisfy your craving for the latest magazine about fly fishing, your favorite foreign commentary, or the current issue of Bus World? With more than 4,000 magazines...Read More

1995 Best Newsstand, Magazine Rack

Tower Records


One thousand publications await you, from audiovisual, business, and gay culture to photo, food, and fashion (in French and Italian), trains, travel, and woodworking. There’s also a small but good...Read More

1994 Best News Director

Peter Brown of WBZ

Peter Brown of WBZ, a man who paid his dues. Well-liked and hardworking he will get up at 2 a.m. to make sure a breaking story is covered well...Read More

1982 Best Newsstand

Out of Town Newspaper


European fashion mags, out-of-state newspapers, porn, and politically broad-sheets. If it can be read, it can probably be bought here...Read More

1979 Best Newspaper

The East Boston Community News

A spunky, provocative weekly that has already spawned a number of the city’s better young writers. Was the first to get on Ed King’s case, when he was Mr. Big...Read More

1976 Best News Show

Channel 5

Jack Hynes and John Henning take the news seriously, and it shows. Theirs is an intelligent, thorough and straightforward presentation; it is so well done that it will never be...Read More

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