Best New Restaurant in Boston




How to eviscerate the specter of the late, lamented Locke-Ober? Enlist the best up-and-coming talent, overhaul the three-piece-suited firmament, and don’t skimp on the razzle-dazzle. Yvonne’s is a self-styled supper…Read More

2016 Best New Restaurant, South



Authentic Mexican food? In Braintree? At long last, yes. Owners Roberto Leon and Guadalupe Fuentes lovingly plate real-deal Jaliscan dishes such as hearty torta ahogada (a spicy pork and bean...Read More

2016 Best New Restaurant, West

True West


A jolly gastropub in sleepy Acton? It’s a reality thanks to True West, the new sister restaurant of New Hampshire’s 7th Settlement Brewery. The pub has revitalized West Acton village...Read More

2016 Best New Restaurant, North

The Poynt


Don’t let the well-dressed crowds fool you: The Poynt is on the North Shore, not in the South End. Opened this fall by the owners of the successful Cottage restaurants...Read More

2015 Best New Restaurant, West

The Backroom at Moody’s


You’ve heard the hype: Walls made of limestone reclaimed from a French abbey. A copper spit for roasting chicken and suckling pigs. A $400 glass of Screaming Eagle. But let’s...Read More

2015 Best New Restaurant, North

The Bancroft


At this shiny new steakhouse in Burlington’s 3rd Ave development, presentation is paramount—and often over the top. (For proof, look no further than the 3,000-plus-bottle wine collection, displayed on a...Read More

2015 Best New Restaurant

Select Oyster Bar


After seven years spent manning the tiny kitchen at Neptune Oyster, chef Michael Serpa stepped out on his own with another petite seafood spot. This one’s a passion project, with...Read More

2015 Best New Restaurant, South

Galley Kitchen & Bar


When the Galley opened last year in Scituate Harbor, it bridged the gap between townie bars and white-tablecloth bistros. Locals have responded in droves, packing the stylishly weathered wooden tables...Read More

2014 Best New Restaurant, South

Union Fish Seafood & Raw Bar


From the owners of Brookline’s Regal Beagle comes this ultra-fresh seafood spot in the Hingham Shipyard. The laid-back ambiance and perfectly executed, unfussy dishes (think: baked haddock in a potato-leek...Read More

2014 Best New Restaurant

Alden & Harlow


When he took over the storied Casablanca space in Harvard Square, chef Michael Scelfo promised that for his first solo venture, he’d serve fare inspired by the dinners he makes...Read More

2014 Best New Restaurant, Nantucket

The Proprietors


Local ingredients get the global treatment at Michael and Orla LaScola’s newest venture. To wit: addictive “Pork-Umms,” which star shaved Berkshire pork, scallions, and sesame barbecue sauce on a kimchi...Read More

2014 Best New Restaurant, West

Bondir Concord


You could be forgiven for thinking you’d stepped back to Thoreau’s time upon sitting down to dinner inside chef Jason Bond’s cozy Concord outpost, with its roaring hearth, cream and...Read More

2014 Best New Restaurant, Cape Cod

The Canteen


Situated in a weathered 200-year-old building, the Canteen’s surfer digs beckon from along Provincetown’s busiest strip. The menu, however, is entirely modern, with inspired takes on seafood staples—think shrimp sliders...Read More

2014 Best New Restaurant, North

SALT Kitchen & Rum Bar


Ipswich may be best known for its clams, but this recently opened gastropub celebrates other local exports—namely, rum (the North Shore’s own Privateer and Folly Cove); beer (Ipswich Oatmeal Stout);...Read More

2014 Best New Restaurant, Martha's Vineyard

The Beach Plum Restaurant


Technically, the Beach Plum Inn’s harborfront restaurant has been in business since the 1980s. But we’d argue that all the changes made here in 2013—from the installation of chef Chris...Read More

2013 Best New Restaurant



It takes guts to open a restaurant offering only three prix-fixe menus to diners—in a space with stenciled glitter bunnies on the bathroom doors, no less. But in the nine...Read More

2013 Best New Restaurant, South

Steel & Rye


With its exposed pipes, sky-high ceiling, and wood finishes, the 7,000-square-foot Steel & Rye has an atmosphere best described as industrial-farmhouse chic, yet it’s as homey a restaurant as you’ll...Read More

2013 Best New Restaurant, Nantucket



Here’s a new island tradition: Disembark at Straight Wharf and make a beeline to Cru. This swish, year-old spot, decked out in striped pillows and driftwood chandeliers, has the raw...Read More

2013 Best New Restaurant, West


Newton Centre

The western ‘burbs were abuzz this year with several hot new openings, but none as significant as the lovely Sycamore, in Newton Centre. Here, co-chefs David Punch and Lydia Reichert...Read More

2013 Best New Restaurant, Cape Cod

Local Break


Eastham isn’t flashy, and neither is Local Break. That’s exactly why it’s been drawing loyal crowds since opening last year. It serves sports-bar basics, but you’ll also find surprises on...Read More

2013 Best New Restaurant, North



Oysters (from both coasts) are the draw here, especially from 9 to 11:45 p.m. on Thursdays, when they’re a buck a shuck. But discerning diners also come for the mix...Read More

2013 Best New Restaurant, Martha's Vineyard

Lucky Hank’s


You’ll feel like guests at a neighbor’s summer home here. The dining room is a screened-in back porch with pillow-covered bench seats and mismatched silverware, and homey dishes such as...Read More

2012 Best New Restaurant, Martha's Vineyard

Martha’s Vineyard Chowder Company

Martha's Vineyard

When J. B. Blau, owner of Sharky’s Cantina, won the island chowder cookoff two years ago, he celebrated by opening a seafood-focused eatery with chef Alex Nagi. Located in the...Read More

2012 Best New Restaurant, South



Too often, South Shore diners are stuck in that wasteland between kid-friendly chains and adult-only, white-tablecloth restaurants. Enter Wahlburgers, the brainchild of chef Paul Wahlberg. From classic double cheeseburgers to...Read More

2012 Best New Restaurant



We knew that Jody Adams had it in her to open another outstanding restaurant. And now that we’ve enjoyed the bold, world-inspired cuisine at Trade, the companion to her Harvard...Read More

2012 Best New Restaurant, Nantucket



This welcome newcomer was opened last year by the owners of the popular Nantucket spot Lola 41. Lamb meatballs with hummus and yogurt sauce, and white bean purée topped with...Read More

2012 Best New Restaurant, West

80 Thoreau


City dwellers happily hop the Fitchburg line to the Concord Depot train station and head directly upstairs to the impeccable 80 Thoreau, where chef Carolyn Johnson (formerly of Rialto) cooks...Read More

2012 Best New Restaurant, Cape Cod



The romance started with a rich local-oyster-and-bacon chowder with chive and truffle oil. Then came the scallops with oyster mushrooms, asparagus, pancetta, pea shoots, and chive béarnaise, and then the...Read More

2012 Best New Restaurant, North

Red Lulu


On any given Saturday night at this new venture from the team behind Back Bay hot spot Lolita, well-dressed revelers have their pick of 180 supremely sippable tequilas and a...Read More

2011 Best New Restaurant, South

Alma Nove


It took a bit longer for chef Paul Wahlberg to open Alma Nove than expected. But when it finally debuted last summer, the Mediterranean restaurant proved it was worth the...Read More

2011 Best New Restaurant



Since chef Jason Bond opened the doors last fall, the applause for Bondir hasn’t let up. Now, nine months and zero missteps later, he gets another voice added to the...Read More

2011 Best New Restaurant, Nantucket



Under Gabriel Frasca and Amanda Lydon, the aging Twenty-One Federal was remained as Ventuno—a stellar dining option for the island. The Italian-focused small plates showcase many ACK-grown ingredients, while handmade...Read More

2011 Best New Restaurant, North

The Market Restaurant


Chez Panisse alumni Amelia O’Reilly and Nico Monday (Alice Waters’s godson) opened this summer-only gem in a former fish market last year. And boy, are we glad: The service is...Read More

2009 Best New Restaurant, North

The Blue Ox


Given his stints at No. 9 Park and Prezza, chef Matt O’Neil knows from high-end. For the Swampscott native’s first solo flight, however, he chose to appeal to the rest...Read More

2009 Best New Restaurant, South



Last fall the splashy new Hingham Shipyard looked primed to become the region’s next dining sensation, boasting upcoming ventures by boldface chefs Paul Wahlberg and Esti Parsons. But an unassuming...Read More

2009 Best New Restaurant, West

Il Casale


Stop us if you’ve heard this one before: City chef heads to the ‘burbs, ditches fine dining for comfort fare, and watches culture-starved locals pour in. Original or not, we’re...Read More

2008 Best New Restaurant, South

Lynwood Café


Lean, yeasty crust dotted with a few rounds of mozzarella is not what you’ll find at Lynwood Café; A South Shore specialty, ‘bar pizza’ trades on piles of gooey cheese...Read More

2007 Best New Restaurant, Martha's Vineyard

The Sweet Life Café

Oak Bluffs

This year French-American husband-and-wife team Pierre and Susan Guerin revamped the menu and ratcheted up the service at their Oak Bluffs café, effecting a vast improvement on what was already...Read More

2007 Best New Restaurant

O Ya


Calling a restaurant “very New York” may not be a politically correct compliment in these parts. And yet, the label fits. With its sleek design, sake sommelier, and mind-blowing food...Read More

2007 Best New Restaurant, Berkshires


Great Barrington

These days it’s the rare restaurant debut that doesn’t try to attract diners with hard-to-pronounce entrées and ‘inventive’ food pairings. But chef Joe Nastro’s New American spot at the tip...Read More

2007 Best New Restaurant, West

51 Lincoln

Newton Highlands

Make sure you get the watermelon steak with confit tomatoes. Or no, wait: You’ve gotta taste the romaine salad with made-to-order croutons—the greatest thing to happen to the caesar since...Read More

2006 Best New Restaurant, Martha's Vineyard



Husband and wife Kevin and Suzanna Crowell’s dream was to open a restaurant that offered impeccable food in an easygoing setting. And they’ve achieved just that at Détente. Each of...Read More

2006 Best New Restaurant, South

Fifty-Three South


Restaurants get made over more often than Ashlee Simpson. But the new incarnation of 53 South is more about-face than facelift. The eatery has moved to snazzier, red-walled digs in...Read More

2006 Best New Restaurant



Thinking different can be risky in the restaurant world. Steve Johnson’s Rendezvous has bucked every convention and still succeeded. His takeover of a defunct Burger King in Central Squar—not the...Read More

2005 Best New Restaurant, South

Rustic Kitchen


Yes, it’s in a shopping plaza (albeit an upscale one). And yes, it’s technically a chain. But step inside and such details fade away. The gold-ceilinged trattoria is packed nightly...Read More

2005 Best New Restaurant



Does Boston need another Italian restaurant? If it’s Umbria, the answer is a resounding yes. Chef Marisa Iocco is turning out flavorful cuisine from Italy’s bucolic central region, which means...Read More

2005 Best New Restaurant, Berkshires

Chez Nous


In his newly renovated restaurant, chef Franck Tessier serves extraordinary French cuisine including goat cheese—and—portobello timbale, scallops with saffron risotto, and chicken fricassée. Guests sit in one of three tasteful...Read More

2005 Best New Restaurant, West

Tomasso Trattoria


First-time owners Tom and Mary Prince have assembled an A-team at their debut Italian restaurant: general manager Lorenzo Savona (formerly of Les Zygomates), chef Tony Bettencourt (UpStairs on the Square),...Read More

2004 Best New Restaurant, North



The most refreshing thing Catch has to offer is what it lacks. Pretense, for instance. Also thankfully missing is a menu full of confit of this and froth of that....Read More

2004 Best New Restaurant

Union Bar and Grille


Not quite a year old, Union has managed to root itself so deeply into South End culture, you’d think it has been around for decades. What’s the secret? We suspect...Read More

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