Best New Restaurant in Boston

2015 Best New Restaurant

Select Oyster Bar


After seven years spent manning the tiny kitchen at Neptune Oyster, chef Michael Serpa stepped out on his own with another petite seafood spot. This one’s a passion project, with…Read More

2014 Best New Restaurant

Alden & Harlow


When he took over the storied Casablanca space in Harvard Square, chef Michael Scelfo promised that for his first solo venture, he’d serve fare inspired by the dinners he makes…Read More

2013 Best New Restaurant



It takes guts to open a restaurant offering only three prix-fixe menus to diners—in a space with stenciled glitter bunnies on the bathroom doors, no less. But in the nine…Read More

2012 Best New Restaurant



We knew that Jody Adams had it in her to open another outstanding restaurant. And now that we’ve enjoyed the bold, world-inspired cuisine at Trade, the companion to her Harvard…Read More

2011 Best New Restaurant



Since chef Jason Bond opened the doors last fall, the applause for Bondir hasn’t let up. Now, nine months and zero missteps later, he gets another voice added to the…Read More

2007 Best New Restaurant

O Ya


Calling a restaurant “very New York” may not be a politically correct compliment in these parts. And yet, the label fits. With its sleek design, sake sommelier, and mind-blowing food…Read More

2006 Best New Restaurant



Thinking different can be risky in the restaurant world. Steve Johnson’s Rendezvous has bucked every convention and still succeeded. His takeover of a defunct Burger King in Central Squar—not the…Read More

2005 Best New Restaurant



Does Boston need another Italian restaurant? If it’s Umbria, the answer is a resounding yes. Chef Marisa Iocco is turning out flavorful cuisine from Italy’s bucolic central region, which means…Read More

2004 Best New Restaurant

Union Bar and Grille


Not quite a year old, Union has managed to root itself so deeply into South End culture, you’d think it has been around for decades. What’s the secret? We suspect…Read More

2003 Best New Restaurant

UpStairs on the Square and Via Matta

In replacing their much-loved UpStairs at the Pudding (some considered it the real institution of Harvard Square), Deborah Hughes and Mary-Catherine Deibel had big shoes to fill—their own. But they’ve…Read More

2002 Best New Restaurant



It’s no wonder Food & Wine magazine chose Thomas John as one of the country’s 10 best chefs this year. His sophisticated Indian-accented French cuisine has made Mantra such a…Read More

2001 Best New Restaurant



We knew it would come to this. After seducing us with her sultry Mediterranean cooking at Casablanca, Ana Sortun has opened her own place, the eponymous Oleana. And what a…Read More

2000 Best New Restaurant



Tucked into a storefront on Prince Street, year-old Sage is the kind of restaurant we love to honor. Why? Because it shines on the short list of quality restaurants in…Read More

1999 Best New Restaurant

Michael Leviton, Lumiere

West Newton

When Lumiere opened this spring in the culinary hinterland of Newton, unlike most new restaurants, which require an initial shakeout period, it became an instant hit. The reason was simple:…Read More

1997 Best New Restaurant



The cool taupe walls with pure white trim make you feel as if you’ve stepped into a late-model Bentley. This is the type of place to come when a relationship…Read More

1993 Best New Restaurant

Anago Bistro


We were sorry to see Bruce Frankel’s 798 Main close, but Anago is a more than worthy successor, thanks to chef Bob Claderone and maitress d’ Susan Finegold…Read More

1992 Best New Restaurant

The Blue Room


Spicy, imaginative, and affordable. More! More!

1991 Best New Restaurant

Jae’s Cafe and Grill


Small, cute, and, wouldn’t you know, always crowded. No surprise there. Chef Jae’s curries and other Korean-accented dishes were an instant favorite for us, too…Read More

1989 Best New Restaurant



Todd and Olivia English couldn’t have done it better. The meats and fish from the wood-fired grill and oven are fabulous. The decor is warm and sunny Mediterranean. And the…Read More

1988 Best New Restaurant

Hamersley’s Bistro


Forget fancy food at astronomical prices; Gordon and Fiona Hamersley’s cheerful little restaurant reminds us of the virtues of a perfectly roasted chicken. Simplicity. That’s enough for us…Read More

1986 Best New Restaurant



The stunning presentations of lobster stew, salmon chowder, and other regional specialties coupled with the beautifully restored space make this a welcome addition to the Back Bay…Read More

1985 Best New Restaurant

Cajun Yankee


So successful it can take you weeks to get a reservation. The gentrification of Inman Square continues…Read More

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Most Viewed Winners

  • Neptune Oyster, 2015 Best Seafood Restaurant
  • Henrietta’s Table, 2015 Best Brunch
  • Lolita, 2013 Best Pickup Bar