Best Museum in Boston


The Institute of Contemporary Art


Where else can you spend date night dancing to live DJs, eating oysters on the harbor, and checking out a Shepard Fairey original? With some of the best waterfront views…Read More

2016 Best Museum, Family-Friendly

Peabody Essex Museum


As any kid might confess, museums can often be dull. Not this one. Younger visitors might push one of Theo Jansen’s kinetic Strandbeest sculptures across the gallery, learn about design by...Read More

2015 Best Museum

Museum of Fine Arts


On the strength of its individual exhibits alone—notably the vast Goya retrospective and Shinique Smith’s exuberant showcase—the Museum of Fine Arts is a formidable contender for best museum. But when...Read More

2015 Best Museum, Family-Friendly

deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum


At this 30-acre outdoor sculpture garden, kids can touch, and, in some cases, interact with the mega-scaled artwork, such as Paul Matissse’s Musical Fence, a low wall of aluminum pipes...Read More

2015 Best Museum, North

Peabody Essex Museum


The key to the PEM’s brilliance is its diversity. In the past year alone, it put on exhibits from titans such as Alexander Calder and J.M.W. Turner; displayed worldly treasures,...Read More

2015 Best Museum, West

Rose Art Museum


Six years ago, Brandeis University feared the recession would shutter its art museum. Thankfully, a public outcry and powerful art collectors reversed that plan, and the school hired a new...Read More

2015 Best Museum, South

Fuller Craft Museum


Don’t let the name fool you: This Brockton institution isn’t a musty warehouse of old quilts and wooden shoes. It’s instead a showcase for contemporary handmade objets d’art, a place...Read More

2014 Best Museum

Museum of Fine Arts


We love underdogs, but lately the MFA has reminded us why it’s the establishment. It has earned its bona fides with shows of trippy hippie fashion, action-packed samurai armor, John...Read More

2011 Best Museum, Art

Museum of Fine Arts


Boston’s foremost art museum has it all: mummies and amphorae, French impressionists, and abstract expressionists. The jaw-dropping highlight, however, is the Arts of the Americas Wing, opened in fall 2010,...Read More

1996 Best Museum, Exhibit for Kids

“Investigate” at the Museum of Science


Kids can’t help acting like young Galileos when they’re encouraged to conduct cool experiments with gizmos that simulate lie-detectors or to dig in the sand like archeologists for pre-Columbian garbage...Read More

1996 Best Museum, Software for Kids

The Computer Museum


Now you can double-click before you buy. On June 29, this museum opened a wonderful gallery that houses 14 terminals, all of which have access to 50 unabridged CD-ROM titles...Read More

1992 Best Museum, Store

The Museum of Fine Arts


Perhaps the only gift shop that truly has something for everyone. Quality and taste at prices that won’t leave you gasping. Become a museum member and get 10 percent off...Read More

1989 Best Museum, Shop

Museum of Fine Arts


Old Yankee ladies don’t die—they just go to work at the MFA gift shop. The annual sale is as close as you’ll ever get to a WASP buying frenzy...Read More

1988 Best Museum, Comeback

The Evans Wing


It took four years and $11.5 million, but the Evans Wing is back and packed with 700 fine European and American paintings, including works of such masters as Renoir, Monet,...Read More

1987 Best Museum, Show

Elizabeth Murray


The 10-year retrospective of New York artist Elizabeth Murray at MIT’s List Visual Arts Center, 20 Ames Street, Cambridge. The paintings were there, the drawings at the MFA. Murray kicked...Read More

1987 Best Museum, Undiscovered


Bronson Alcott’s utopia here failed, but the idyllic setting won’t fail to please...Read More

1986 Best Museum

Museum of Science


After a major sprucing up, the Museum of Science is hosting innovative, hands-on exhibits. Strong on computers...Read More

1986 Best Museum, Programming

Danforth Museum of Art’s

For the Project II series, which featured a changing spectacle of inventive installations by prominent local and national artists...Read More

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