Best Muffin in Boston


Appleton Bakery Café


Enough with low-fat, no-butter baked goods. Muffins were meant to be savored. Appleton, the friendly, sunlit café, understands this, and answers the call with beauties made from hunks of fruit,…Read More

1999 Best Muffin

Appleton Bakery Cafe


The husband-and-wife team of South End caterers who opened Appleton last year make fresh muffins with delicious and often surprising combinations such as peaches and walnuts, and pineapple and coconut....Read More

1998 Best Muffin

Carberry’s Bakery and Coffee House


A good muffin is a delicate thing. All you want is a little sweetness, not too much butter, and lots of fruit. Your delicate morning palate winces at anything so...Read More

1996 Best Muffin, Blueberry

Vicki Lee Boyajian


This is the standard to which all other blueberry muffins should aspire: denser than cake, but still light and flavorful, and filled with fresh blueberries. They’re a great way to...Read More

1993 Best Muffin

Savoy French Bakery


Savoy’s blackberry-raspberry muffins define the form: enormous, light, moist, packed with fresh fruit, and not too sweet...Read More

1991 Best Muffin



These not-too-sweet muffins are the most satisfying around...Read More

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