Best Move in Boston


Gentle Giant Moving Company


Anyone who’s used inferior movers knows the torture of watching them slowly load a single box onto the truck. You won’t need to stifle the urge to grab a handcart…Read More

2007 Best Movers

Gentle Giant Moving Company

Somerville, and other locations

Few people bother to write the Better Business Bureau to impart praise, but Gentle Giant, which gets 80 percent of its customers from repeats and referrals, inspires fierce and outspoken...Read More

2006 Best Movers, Full Service

Gentle Giant Moving Company


Gentle Giant’s elite squads take extra care with heavy furniture and breakables, without—if you can believe it—so much as scuffing the walls. What’s more, they’ll deliver anywhere in the United...Read More

2006 Best Movers, Affordable

Goody’s Moving Service

There comes a moment during most moves—usually preceded by the sound of breaking glass—when homeowners wonder if they’d have been better off on their own. Following their own move-gone-awry five...Read More

2005 Best Movers

Gentle Giant


Broken mirrors. Dented dressers. Cracked china. Sometimes movers actually add to the hassle of moving. Luckily for us, there’s Gentle Giant. This team of former soccer and rugby players, marathoners,...Read More

2003 Best Movers

Nick’s Moving


Ask almost anyone to name the milestones in life they hate most, and moving invariably ends up in the top five. The experts at Nick’s prove that even the most...Read More

2002 Best Move

Cornel West

The departure of noted Harvard hip-hop scholar Cornel West for Princeton

2001 Best Movers

Nick’s Moving Company


In a town where moving is a way of life (and everyone moves at precisely the same moment), finding a mover to do the job quickly and affordably can be...Read More

2000 Best Movers

Gentle Giant


It is worth the hassle of moving simply for the pleasure of employing perennial winners Gentle Giant. The entire process unfolds like a dream: Book the move with a phone...Read More

1999 Best Movers

Gentle Giant Moving Company

The Giants are harder to book than they used to be, and their prices are higher than some of their competitors’. But this is still the company that people gush...Read More

1999 Best Move

Mitt Romney’s to Utah

If Mitt cleans up the Salt Lake City Olympics, maybe he can run for the Senate again—this time, from Utah—without having to run against a Kennedy...Read More

1998 Best Movers

Gentle Giant Moving Co.


These are no lugs from the Cretaceous period. Gentle Giants moving guys are pros, they speak in full sentences, they’re polite (many are college rowers), and they know their way...Read More

1997 Best Movers

Gentle Giant Moving Company


Don’t mess around with movers that fail to show up on time or try to hold your belongings hostage until you fork over a wad of cash vastly in excess...Read More

1996 Best Movers

Gentle Giant Movers


Everyone we spoke to said that moving with Gentle Giant was a pleasure—believe it or not—and that the movers were good-humored and exceptionally competent. One happy customer raved that precious...Read More

1995 Best Move

Peter Berlandi, Weld’s chief fundraiser

After resigning his controversial gigs as a consultant to two large Big Dig contractors, Berlandi, a Democrat, landed in clover with a $5,000-a-month contract with the Republican Governors Association...Read More

1994 Best Move



Nuts About Beauty, our favorite purveyor of natural body-care products and feel-good ephemera, has changed its name and moved to Newbury Street...Read More

1992 Best Movers, Piano

Deathwish Piano Movers


The muscular men in black could move a piano into the top of the Bunker Hill Monument without hitting a false note...Read More

1979 Best Movers

Ed Owens


When Ed’s father, Henry, started the business in 1927, his equipment consisted of one horse and one buggy. Today, the list reads: seven vans, four trailer trucks, two pickups, two...Read More

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