Best Men's Haircut in Boston

2013 Best Men's Haircut

Brady Brumfield, Roffi Salon & Day Spa


After quizzing you to establish expectations, Brady Brumfield will deliver a natural look that can be comfortably worn straight out of the chair—not one that starts awkward and takes several…Read More

2012 Best Men's Haircut


South Boston

After a quick tête-à-tête, Brianna Coons shaped our unruly hair into something slick, taking into account our capacity for at-home styling (none). The best part? The chop grew out so…Read More

2002 Best Men's Haircut

Rosie Salvador, Daryl Christopher


Great hairstyling may transcend gender, but one fact remains: Men want different things from a haircut than women do. Just ask Rosie Salvador, who has perfected the equation for a…Read More

2001 Best Men's Haircut

Angela Stern, Alexander’s


At a time when prices have as much to do with the name of the hairstylist as with the hairstyle itself, Angela Stern is a refreshing anomaly. She gives people…Read More

2000 Best Men's Haircut

Dirk Diegel, Vidal Sassoon


Fortunately for men seeking a haircut, Dirk Diegel of Vidal Sassoon styles and cuts like he was born with comb and scissors in hand. Trained in Hamburg, Germany, Diegel has…Read More

1999 Best Men's Haircut

Dirk Diegel, Vidal Sassoon


Don’t expect a boy’s regular. Diegel spends quality time with your hair so you won’t have to. High style, low maintenance…Read More

1997 Best Men's Haircut

Marion Von Hollander


Marion knows that men’s haircuts can be a delicate affair—one part seduction, and a heaping dose of free therapy. Not only will she unflinchingly shear the stray legions off the…Read More

1992 Best Men's Haircut



Have your hair cut for $9 in the seat of power. Henry Kissinger used to have his hair cut at this eight-chair classic barbershop in Harvard Square…Read More

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