Best Massage in Boston

2014 Best Massage

Exhale Battery Wharf


The downside of an hour of someone expertly kneading every ounce of stress and tension out of your body? Knowing that as soon as it’s over, you’ll have to check…Read More

2013 Best Massage



At this integrative health center four floors above Copley Square, our therapist kicked off the 80-minute massage by asking about problem areas and preferences—and actually listened. After guiding our limbs…Read More

2012 Best Massage

Bella Sante


Massages have a practical application, of course: to offer relief for the aches and pains brought on by too many hours logged at the gym (okay, in a desk chair)….Read More

2011 Best Massage

Bella Sante


Bella sante strikes the right combination of peaceful spa (fruit-infused water, plush furnishings) and briskly run business (in and done in half an hour). Technicians prune and preen nails into…Read More

2011 Best Massage

Ardan MedSpa + Salon


Bustling Ardan may not scream “relaxation.” But downstairs, as you lie on a heated massage table in a candlelit room, the commotion melts away. Massage therapist/medical aesthetician Sarah Rattet incorporates…Read More

2007 Best Massage

Michael Moore

Boston, Brookline

“Bloodless surgery” isn’t a phrase typically associated with spa treatments. Then again, there’s nothing typical about the way that Quincy native Moore—who coined the term to describe his massages—operates. His…Read More

2006 Best Massage

Violet Skin Boutique


You don’t have to worry about that,’ says Shaw when we tell her we really need a therapeutic massage, not just a light shoulder rub. As she begins to press…Read More

2005 Best Massage

David Costa,


Gone are the days of having to endure deep-tissue torture in order to feel terrific, thanks to the skills of master massage therapist David Costa. His touch is strong enough…Read More

2004 Best Massage

Maggie Kessler, The Sports Club/LA


Touch is one of those mysterious forces science hasn’t even begun to understand. But you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know that Maggie Kessler has the most…Read More

2002 Best Massage

David Kelly, Grettacole


Don’t plan on accomplishing much of anything after you’ve been under the nearly mystical hands of David Kelly, whose clients have been known to cancel meetings just so they can…Read More

2001 Best Massage



You can go to a luxurious, candlelit spa where they’ll charge you a C-note to slather lavender ointment on your aching back, or you can go somewhere where licensed therapists…Read More

1999 Best Massage

Kelly Nezat


After Kelly worked his magic, we felt more like we’d had a session of physical therapy than a massage. Using a technique called Strain/Counterstrain, he gently unknotted the rock collection…Read More

1997 Best Massage

Backworks Therapeutic Back Center


There’s nothing more disappointing than a bad backrub. Go to Backworks, a clean, professional, and distinctly non-New Age storefront in the financial district. Ask for Renee, and spring for the…Read More

1995 Best Massage

Cathryn Moskow

If she’s good enough for the aching legs and feet of the Boston Ballet, Moskow can surely handle the knot in your shoulders from hunching over a computer keyboard…Read More

1982 Best Massage

Martha Kirschenbaum


Although Kirschenbaum trained as a nurse, she believes she does more healing with her hands. “I started out giving backrubs to work my way through school,” she explains. Now it’s…Read More

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