Best Makeup in Boston


Noel McKinnon, Makeup 2 Die 4

Brides call Noel McKinnon the “wedding whisperer,” a nod to her cucumber-cool poise. Armed with a silky southern accent, individual lashes, and airbrush foundation, she creates flawless looks in a…Read More

2015 Best Makeup Artist, Special-Occasion

Tavi de la Rosa

Rare is the makeup artist who can shake you out of your routine with a single application of blush and eyeshadow. Tavi de la Rosa, who mans the Sisley counter...Read More

2014 Best Makeup


You won’t find blaring music or tweens fighting over glitter eye shadow at this decidedly grownup makeup and skin-care chain—just trusted, celebrity-touted lines like Laura Mercier, Bobbi Brown, Kiehl’s, and...Read More

2014 Best Makeup Artist, Wedding

Katrina Hess


This makeup pro has been primping brides from the Back Bay to Bermuda for more than 20 years. During a consultation at her lofty Newbury Street studio, Hess will school...Read More

2013 Best Makeup Artist

Paula Tierney, A Matter of Face


Locating an eyelash in a haystack is easier than finding a local makeup artist with a light touch. Once you hop up on the hot seat, you’re more likely to...Read More

2013 Best Makeup



In case you’ve been in a beauty bubble for the past 15 years, Sephora is the adult version of Candyland. Nearly every brand of mascara, lip liner, and blush known...Read More

2013 Best Makeup Artist, Wedding

Dani Wagener, DW Beauty


Dani Wagener’s brides always look flawless in photos. Some of it is nature and the blush of true love, of course, and some of it is the result of Wagener’s...Read More

2012 Best Makeup Artist



We’ve got brushes and eyeliners aplenty, foundations and lipsticks galore. What we really need is help pulling it all together. That’s where makeup genie Sadie Sham comes in: She not...Read More

2012 Best Makeup


We have only one rule when shopping at this cavernous cosmetics shop: Bring cash. How else to limit ourselves while stuffing our basket with lotions, powders, polishes, and liners? Oh,...Read More

2012 Best Makeup Artist, Wedding

Dani Wagener, DW Beauty


An expert in false lashes and airbrush foundation, Dani Wagener has a flair for the dramatic — a talent for making eyes pop and cheekbones glisten. Fortunately, that’s where the...Read More

2011 Best Makeup, Counter



At this Newbury Street boutique, even customers browsing for mere bronzer receive the same top-drawer service as those splurging on Chanel’s pricey threads. The cosmetics and fragrance area itself is...Read More

2011 Best Makeup, Selection



Though we’re not usually fans of national chains, Sephora’s credentials in this category are unimpeachable (as anyone who’s browsed its well-stocked shelves can attest). The store’s Pru outpost has an...Read More

2011 Best Makeup Artist

Dani Wagener Beauty


Like some fabulous fairy godmother, Dani Wagener waves her mascara wand and—poof!—you’re transformed into a sultry siren or a girl next door. The makeup artist honed her skills (including seamless...Read More

2010 Best Makeup

A Matter of Face


Don’t fret the closure of Shu Uemura’s beloved Newbury Street boutique (our former fave). Just head for A Matter of Face in the North End. Unlike some bigger cosmetics chains—where...Read More

2010 Best Makeup, Local

First Aid Beauty

Newton-based Lilli Gordon has serious experience in the beauty biz: She worked for brands like Fresh and Cross before launching First Aid Beauty, her own line of fragrance and paraben-free...Read More

2009 Best Makeup

Rouge Cosmetics


Beauty junkies can spend years perfecting their primping arsenals. If you’d prefer to skip beta-testing your makeup bag, though, let Rouge founder Ann Supple Massey do the work for you....Read More

2008 Best Makeup

Neiman Marcus

Boston, Natick

When we want to mindlessly browse shadows and powders, we hit Sephora. When we need to self-medicate with new lip gloss, we stop by Beauty and Main. But when we...Read More

2008 Best Makeup Artist, Wedding

Dani Wagener, Shu Uemura


Too many makeup artists labor under the tragic misconception that “bridal” means caked-on foundation, tarlike mascara, and Dynasty-esque cheek contouring. Not Wagener, who studies the bride-to-be’s everyday look, then simply...Read More

2007 Best Makeup Artist

Dani Wagener, Shu Uemura


For everyone out there who thinks you’re attractive, chances are there’s someone else who thinks you look like Shrek. Makeup tilts the odds in your favor. Fifteen-year vet Wagener works...Read More

2007 Best Makeup


Chestnut Hill

The heart of the capacious first floor at the new multimillion-dollar Bloomingdale’s in Chestnut Hill is its smartly laid-out, wholly welcoming cosmetics department. Hard-to-find brands include Clé de Peau and...Read More

2006 Best Makeup Aritist

Coco Grace


Fashion shoots, celebrity clients such as Julianne Moore and Helena Bonham Carter, and two makeup lines—one for adults, one for tweens—keep Coco Grace trotting the globe. When in town, she...Read More

2006 Best Makeup

Beauty and Main


With their baffling variety and often-condescending staff, department-store makeup counters can intimidate the bravest shoppers. Skip the drama and visit Beauty and Main, where there’s nary a frantic perfume spritzer...Read More

2005 Best Makeup

Saks Fifth Avenue


Armani. Dior. Bobbi Brown. Trish McEvoy. La Prairie. We love small makeup shops, but when it comes to beauty’s most coveted brands, the phrase “you can only get it at...Read More

2005 Best Makeup Artist, Wedding

Katrina Hess


Makeup savant Katrina Hess gives brides a glow so natural they seem lit from within. We’d guess it was magic, but Hess will also provide tips to help you re-create...Read More

2004 Best Makeup Artist, Wedding

Katrina Hess


Katrina Hess treats the face as a blank canvas and with her expert brushwork, transforms it into a work of art. Eyes become luminescent as the moon, skin shimmers like...Read More

2004 Best Makeup

The Beauty Mark


This sunny shop has hit the mark by assembling a rare collection of cult favorites (Molton Brown, Wink, T. LeClerc, TINte), all in a rainbow of colors and shades. What’s...Read More

2003 Best Makeup Artist, Wedding

Katrina Hess


Over the years, hundreds of women have watched natural beauty they never knew they had emerge from under Katrina Hess’s skilled brushstrokes. Weddings are a specialty, but, as Hess puts...Read More

2003 Best Makeup, Selection

E6 Apothecary


At too many department store cosmetics counters in this town, too-chic salespeople more often than not will slather your screaming pores with overly perfumed chemicals and then, as if a...Read More

2002 Best Makeup, Selection

E6 Apothecary


E6 owner Elena Frankel has earned her place in beauty heaven by giving Boston a much-needed injection of both high-style cosmetics and low-pressure shopping. Her sunny, well-organized boutique is home...Read More

2002 Best Makeup Artist

Rachel Bezanson, Michaud Cosmetics


You want natural? Tell Rachel Bezanson so, and, when she’s done, you’ll see only the gleam of your features, not cakey foundation or madly mod eyeliner. You want dramatic? Tell...Read More

2001 Best Makeup, Selection

E6 Apothecary


Makeup maniacs need go no further than E6. The store has most of the buzz-worthy lines in stock, including Shu Uemura, Molton Brown, Tarte, Watosa, Biotherm, and Three Custom Color...Read More

2001 Best Makeup Artist

Lisa DeCobert, Louis Boston


DeCorbet’s girly chatter and down-to-earth approach is a welcome relief from the hard sell of many other makeup artists around town, so it’s easy to regard her as a pal....Read More

2000 Best Makeup, Selection, Suburban



When this national cosmetics outlet opened its branch in Burlington, we rushed to see what the fuss was about. The verdict: For pure, unadulterated immersion into the beauty world, Sephora...Read More

2000 Best Makeup, Counter

Chanel, Saks Fifth Avenue


Leave it to Chanel: The company renowned for staying ahead of the fashion pack is once again leading the way with its makeup products and skin-care lines. See for yourself:...Read More

2000 Best Makeup Arist

Rusty Colston, Salon Mario Russo


After working under the tutelage of makeup-guro-to-the-stars Bobbi Brown, Rusty has come to Boston to transform our faces. He applies makeup with Brown’s signature minimalist technique, which strives for natural,...Read More

2000 Best Makeup, Selection, City



E6 is a sophisticated candy store for grown-up women. It has built a reputation on offering high-end, hard-to-find makeup lines including Poole makeup kits, Imago skin care, Ramy Beauty Therapy,...Read More

1999 Best Makeup

E6 apothecary


Unlike the standard fare proffered by department store makeup counters, the selection at E6 is full of harder-to-find makeup, fragrance, and bath products—a beauty bonanza for makeup junkies. E6 offers...Read More

1998 Best Makeup, Special Occasion

Julie Michaud


She does runways, she does catalogs and photo shoots, and can do you just as fabulously. Julie’s full pro, but loves to get girly about makeup (she came out...Read More

1998 Best Makeup, Cosmetics Counter

Bobbi Brown

Chestnut Hill

Fabulously flattering cosmetics for almost any skin tone, Bobbi Brown recognized what most lines didn’t— that most complexions have yellow undertones, not pink. The line is comprised of subtle, simple...Read More

1997 Best Makeup, Counter

Trish McEvoy


New from New York, the McEvoy line offers hip, practical palettes for lips, eyes, and cheeks, and even has a zippered filofax-style case that you can fill with customized inserts...Read More

1997 Best Makeup, Special Occasion

Cal Dellaria


When she’s not working on photo shoots, Cal gives the model treatment to those mere mortals in need of a helping hand. She has mastered the art of the updo,...Read More

1996 Best Makeup Artist

Hunter Caldwell


Whether it’s a question of what to wear every day, or for a special occasion, Caldwell is the one to call. An encyclopedia of colors, he pays some attention to...Read More

1994 Best Makeup Artist



Let Ildiko instruct you in how to put on your best face for a very special occasion or just for fun...Read More

1993 Best Makeup, Lipstick

MAC Cosmetics

Chestnut Hill

Choose from the huge variety of colors and textures produced by this environmentally correct (no animal testing) Canadian company. Return six empties and get a new lipstick free. They line...Read More

1991 Best Makeup



We love the way they use herbs and plants (cucumber in a cleanser and aloe in some lipsticks), the recycling program, the championing of socially correct causes, and the whole...Read More

1990 Best Makeup, Cosmetics Counter

Neiman Marcus


The clerks there don’t work for a specific cosmetics company, so they’ll mix and match brands to help you achieve your look—even if it’s not what Ultima or Estee Lauder...Read More

1990 Best Makeup, Consultant

David Nicholas


His client list—which includes Margaux Hemingway, Jesse Jackson, and Phyllis Diller—is as varied as his skills...Read More

1982 Best Makeup

Enid Goldsmith


Goldsmith runs the Models Group, an arm of the ART agency, so she knows what she’s doing. And she uses her own products...Read More

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