Best Makeup Artist in Boston

2013 Best Makeup Artist

Paula Tierney, A Matter of Face


Locating an eyelash in a haystack is easier than finding a local makeup artist with a light touch. Once you hop up on the hot seat, you’re more likely to…Read More

2012 Best Makeup Artist



We’ve got brushes and eyeliners aplenty, foundations and lipsticks galore. What we really need is help pulling it all together. That’s where makeup genie Sadie Sham comes in: She not…Read More

2011 Best Makeup Artist

Dani Wagener Beauty


Like some fabulous fairy godmother, Dani Wagener waves her mascara wand and—poof!—you’re transformed into a sultry siren or a girl next door. The makeup artist honed her skills (including seamless…Read More

2007 Best Makeup Artist

Dani Wagener, Shu Uemura


For everyone out there who thinks you’re attractive, chances are there’s someone else who thinks you look like Shrek. Makeup tilts the odds in your favor. Fifteen-year vet Wagener works…Read More

2002 Best Makeup Artist

Rachel Bezanson, Michaud Cosmetics


You want natural? Tell Rachel Bezanson so, and, when she’s done, you’ll see only the gleam of your features, not cakey foundation or madly mod eyeliner. You want dramatic? Tell…Read More

2001 Best Makeup Artist

Lisa DeCobert, Louis Boston


DeCorbet’s girly chatter and down-to-earth approach is a welcome relief from the hard sell of many other makeup artists around town, so it’s easy to regard her as a pal….Read More

1996 Best Makeup Artist

Hunter Caldwell


Whether it’s a question of what to wear every day, or for a special occasion, Caldwell is the one to call. An encyclopedia of colors, he pays some attention to…Read More

1994 Best Makeup Artist



Let Ildiko instruct you in how to put on your best face for a very special occasion or just for fun…Read More

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