Best Lunch in Boston

2011 Best Lunch

Hot Dog Annie’s


It’s hard to place the exact ingredients that make up the house signature sauce—an addictive barbecue-onion mixture that has led generations to this off-the-beaten-track hot dog stand with its siren…Read More

2008 Best Lunch

La Voile


Shame on us Americans, keeping lunch penned up in cubicles and break rooms, starved of any real pleasure. The midday meal is entitled to some dignity, as French import La…Read More

1993 Best Lunch

Cafe Louis


Elegant and satisfying—just what we’d expect from a cafe in Louis, Boston…Read More

1991 Best Lunch

Museum of Fine Arts


With its museum-quality decor, sophisticated food, and parking that’s a cinch, what more could anyone want? The MFA is unbeatable…Read More

1988 Best Lunch

Oca Nera


Jolly, noisy, molto bene. The Best news from Beacon Hill in a long time comes from the sign of the black swan…Read More

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  • Neptune Oyster, 2015 Best Seafood Restaurant
  • Townsman, 2015 Best Place Maker
  • Thinking Cup, 2015 Best Coffee Shop

Most Viewed Winners

  • Neptune Oyster, 2015 Best Seafood Restaurant
  • Henrietta’s Table, 2015 Best Brunch
  • Lolita, 2013 Best Pickup Bar