Best Lobster in Boston


James Hook + Co.


There’s only one decision you need to make at this waterfront institution: regular roll ($16) or large ($19)? After that, pull up a chair and tuck into the sturdy bun…Read More

2014 Best Lobster Roll

Alive & Kicking


Call us iconoclasts, but this year, the lobster roll that impressed us most technically isn’t a lobster roll at all. Let us introduce you to Alive & Kicking’s lobster sandwich,...Read More

2013 Best Lobster Roll, High-Brow

Island Creek Oyster Bar


A few of the dishes that have already become legends in the few years since this sophisticated Kenmore Square spot opened: the fried-oyster sliders, which come smeared with chili-lime aioli...Read More

2013 Best Lobster Roll, Low-Brow

James Hook and Co.


The rolls at this waterfront spot don’t come with frills (or fries). But at a mere $14 for a hot-dog bun overflowing with lobster mixed with just enough celery and...Read More

2012 Best Lobster Roll, North

Lobsta Land


Forget ambiance and views—here, it’s all about the lobster roll. And it’s a behemoth, with five ounces of fresh, sweet tail and claw meat tossed in just enough mayo, then...Read More

2012 Best Lobster Roll

Island Creek Oyster Bar


Chef Jeremy Sewall has a family connection to the best crustaceans around: His cousin Mark is a Maine lobsterman. And the best vehicle for his wares just may be Island...Read More

2011 Best Lobster Roll

Neptune Oyster


Order it hot with butter, or cold with mayo. Either way, sizable chunks of lobster will overflow the warm brioche roll, leaving you to dig in with a fork before...Read More

2010 Best Lobster, Whole

Summer Shack


Boiled lobster is the Ramada Inn of regional cuisine: the same wherever you go. But no one puts a tastier spin on the bugs than chef Jasper White. His pan-roasted...Read More

2010 Best Lobster Roll

Belle Isle Seafood


Twelve rolls into our research, it seemed there was no escaping the Bun Situation: perfectly sweet meat marred by stale, soggy, cold, dinky, or too-hearty bread. Then we tried Belle...Read More

2009 Best Lobster Roll

Neptune Oyster


Cold with mayo, or hot with butter? Neptune ends the great lobster roll debate by excelling at both. The constant is perfectly firm, sweet lobster piled into a large brioche...Read More

2007 Best Lobster

The Barking Crab


Waterfront mainstay the Barking Crab boils up the freshest lobster in town, and the summery presentation—paper plates, plastic buckets—only adds to the illusion of a languid lunch on the beach...Read More

1999 Best Lobster

James Hook & Co.


With more than 250 bubbling tanks of ocean water, and a staff that knows everything there is to know about lobsters, Hook is the oldest lobster dealer in the country...Read More

1996 Best Lobster

James Hook & Company


Probably the largest collection of lobsters under one roof—kept in seawater, which gives them a better flavor...Read More

1977 Best Lobster



Since New England puts a limit on the weight of lobster’s caught, the place to find oversized crustaceans is the Lobster Shanty in Point Pleasant, N.J. If you balk at...Read More

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