Best Korean Restaurant in Boston


Buk Kyung


Homestyle hospitality is the draw at this Union Square mainstay, with gratis accompaniments like crunchy daikon, spicy kimchi, and pickled cucumbers complementing huge platters of ddukbokki, tender kalbi, and bibimbap….Read More

2015 Best Korean Restaurant



When it comes to Korean cuisine, it’s all about texture—the springy bite of puffy, cheese-smothered ddeokbokki rice cakes; the crisp bottom layer of rice on a hot stone bowl of...Read More

2014 Best Korean Restaurant

Kaju Tofu House


Choosing Boston’s best "overall" Korean restaurant is a tricky proposition. The city’s long on specialists, but short on generalists able to muster worthy renditions of the hit parade. For example,...Read More

2013 Best Korean Restaurant

Kaju Tofu House


Korean cuisine is about more than just barbecue. The signature dish at this tiny Allston joint is sundubu, a roiling crock of silken tofu stew that’s enriched with a fresh...Read More

2012 Best Korean Restaurant

Manna House


For years we lamented the lack of quality Korean dining in this town. Once Manna House opened its doors, those complaints thankfully came to an end. Now we can dig...Read More

2011 Best Korean Restaurant



Nothing sinks the heart of a Korean food aficionado more than seeing steamed broccoli as one of the panchan side dishes of a restaurant’s every meal. That won’t happen at...Read More

2008 Best Korean Restaurant



The ok dol bibimbop still has our mouths watering: a bed of rice, crispy at the bottom where it meets the hot stone serving pot; heaps of beef and vegetables;...Read More

2006 Best Korean Restaurant



Seoul-food fans looking for a little say in how dinner turns out can’t do better than Koreana, where tabletop barbecues offer patrons a hands-on experience. Grill-it-yourself pork and beef dishes...Read More

1999 Best Korean Restaurant



We scoured the city in search of a worthy contender, but for the second year running, Koreana is the undisputed champion for dishes like kalbi (barbecued short ribs), dolsot bibimibap...Read More

1998 Best Korean Restaurant



“Bibimbop” yourself to where every stone pot runneth over with savory dishes starring rice, fish, the freshest veggies, or practically the whole darn cow (from tongue to blood to feet)....Read More

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