Best Kid-Friendly Restaurant in Boston

2014 Best Kid-Friendly Restaurant

Flatbread Company at Sacco's Bowl Haven


Since 2010, this renovated candlepin bowling alley/pizza joint has been winning adult fans with its craft brews, locally distilled spirits, and expertly fired pies. But it’s also a magnet for…Read More

2013 Best Kid-Friendly Restaurant

Flatbread Company


If you’re a parent, you know the challenge: You want to take the kids out for a meal they’ll enjoy, but you’d also like to enjoy it yourself. Allow us…Read More

2012 Best Kid-Friendly Restaurant



All too often, pleasing kids’ palates means sacrificing a small part of their souls to mass-produced chicken fingers. Thankfully, the charred yet chewy wood-fired pizzas (not to mention the decadent…Read More

2009 Best Kid-Friendly Restaurant

Summer Shack


Talk about knowing your audience. With its giant bucket of crayons on the hostess stand and army of highchairs standing at the ready, this seafood favorite not only welcomes tots…Read More

1998 Best Kid-Friendly Restaurant

Full Moon


Finally, a place where parents and toddlers can dine near each other— if not with each other— in peace. There’s a cozy play space with a toddler-eye-level blackboard, dollhouse, and…Read More

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