Best Interior Designer in Boston


Frank Roop


There are two schools of interior design: “shop and arrange,” or the completely custom approach. Those of us capable of selecting a sofa have little interest in the former and…Read More

2012 Best Interior Designer

Lewis Interiors


Polly Lewis and Maribeth Brostowski are carefully guarded secrets among Boston’s glitterati. The designers have incredible taste and restraint, and we adore their pluck. Just one example of their fine...Read More

2011 Best Interior Designer

Liz Caan Interiors


Exuberant (think: Miles Redd) and exacting (as in, David Hicks), Liz Caan has expelled boring beige from the palettes of Boston’s elite interiors. (And just in time, because we were...Read More

2006 Best Interior Designer

Duffy Design Group


Celebrity relocates to Boston area. Celebrity purchases multimillion-dollar pad. Celebrity homeowner puts Dennis Duffy on speed dial. You’d be smart to do the same. Duffy’s jaw-dropping interiors are marked by...Read More

2006 Best Interior Designer, Kitchen


You know the scenario: (1) Every pot crashes to the floor as you reach for that little-used cake pan. (2) You swear you’ll reorganize the kitchen as soon as you’re...Read More

2005 Best Interior Designer

Frank Roop


Just as fashionistas favor couture over ready-to-wear, design aficionados prefer unique interior to chain-store décor. That’s why those in the know turn to Frank Roop. Roop works with combinations of...Read More

2003 Best Interior Designer

Dennis Duffy, Duffy Design Group


An interior designer would call it classic modernism; we call it sleekness without pretense. However you describe Dennis Duffy’s characteristic geometric lines and striking color combinations, you’d know them in...Read More

2002 Best Interior Designer

Dennis Duffy, Duffy Design Group

South Boston

We could spend hours extolling the glories of Duffy’s handiwork. He has, after all, single-handedly spiffed up some of the city’s most stylish residences and commercial spaces—Manny Ramirez’s pad and...Read More

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