Best Hardware in Boston


E. R. Butler & Co.


Where else will you find exquisite, custom-made hardware like gold-plated hinges with decorative finials and cabinet pulls with agate cameo inlays displayed like jewelry in glass cases?

2013 Best Hardware Store

Dickson Brothers True Value


Apartment dwellers’ needs are readily met at this mercantile, which advertises everything from cans of paint and picture hangers to housewares and scented candles. The wise clerks are also adept...Read More

2012 Best Hardware Store

Dickson Brothers True Value


This Harvard Square institution is 50 years old, and thankfully still has creaky floors, ancient fluorescent lights, and friendly handy types who’ll steer you to that can of paint, snow...Read More

2011 Best Hardware Store

Charles Street Supply Company


This 63-year-old landmark reminds us of a time before hardware superstores—no orange-aproned “sales associates” hawking vinyl siding while you search for a lockset. Petite and packed with everything from flowerpots,...Read More

2008 Best Hardware Store

Swartz True Value


More than a century of know-how emanates from this suburban institution, founded by Michael Swartz’s immigrant grandparents in 1890 and eventually passed down the line to him. While the old-time...Read More

2007 Best Hardware Store

Charles Street Supply Company


If you’ve got the project, they’ve got the product: More than 24,000 home-maintenance tools and supplies cram the shelves at this emporium of all things useful. Need an obscure garden...Read More

2006 Best Hardware Store

Yumont Hardware

Jamaica Plain

So it’s one-tenth the size of a Lowe’s. So what? Yumont still has everything a do-it-yourselfer needs: nuts, bolts, bulbs, paint, showerheads, lawn care. All that, plus associates who don’t...Read More

2005 Best Hardware Store

Charles Street Supply


This 57-year-old landmark recalls a time before superstores and strip malls. Its amiable staff can help you sort through the somewhat chaotic arrangement of wares, from seeds, potting soil, flowerpots,...Read More

2004 Best Hardware Store

Dickson Brothers


The most popular institutions in Harvard Square have a way of disappearing (can you say Tasty Diner?) but Dickson Brothers is still hawking hardware after more than 75 years. The...Read More

2003 Best Hardware Store

Period Furniture Hardware


The densely packed display racks at this Beacon Hill cubbyhole offer one-stop shopping for rarefied brass, chrome, porcelain, and glass—knobs, pulls, hooks, hangers, rods, and other trimmings that can bring...Read More

2000 Best Hardware Store, Suburban

Harvey’s Hardware Company


The question is not what they have for sale at Needham’s trusted Harvey’s; it’s what they don’t have on the shelves. More of an “everything” store in the old-fashioned sense...Read More

2000 Best Hardware Store, City

Beacon True Value Home Center


Squished into a Beacon Hill storefront is this incredible urban resource center. Need to rent a power drill? It’s five bucks a day. Run out of paint in the middle...Read More

1997 Best Hardware Store

Hardware Outlet


This hole-in-the-wall looks like a cross between Bob Vila’s garage and a grungy New York apartment. With enough searching, you’ll find anything from drill bits and thumb tacks to gas...Read More

1996 Best Hardware, Helpful

Model Hardware


An inventory to match the superstores, backed by a helpful and friendly staff. Owner Bob Weber is on hand five days a week to show you the difference between a...Read More

1996 Best Hardware, Restoration

Period Furniture Hardware


This family-owned business has been selling period-furniture fixings to Bostonians for more than 75 years. One of the last of its kind, the store is worth visiting just to witness...Read More

1990 Best Hardware Store

Somerville Lumber


Everything from power tools to drain cleaners—and a staff that can tell you how to use them...Read More

1987 Best Hardware Store

Mass Hardware


With a parking lot, three floors of stuff, and a staff that knows the name for the thingamajig you need...Read More

1977 Best Hardware Store



Founded in 1842, and the oldest hardware store in the city, Wilkinson’s has two floors full of necessary objects, mysterious and mundane...Read More

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