Best Haircut in Boston




When it comes to haircuts, men tend to be creatures of routine. Nobody knows this better than Shag’s stylists. As such, they’ve mastered the art of negotiation and will subtly…Read More

2015 Best Haircut, Women's

Kara Hurston, Shag

South Boston

Some cuts are simply about lopping off split ends, and some happen because you spotted a stranger with such incredible hair, you just had to track down her stylist. It’s...Read More

2015 Best Haircut, Men's

Pini Swissa


Pini Swissa identified our hair dilemma immediately—lose the bulk around the crown that grows in bushy after a week, he advised. This is the man who styles Tom Brady, after...Read More

2014 Best Haircut, Men's

The Green Room


Tucked away on a quiet Beacon Hill side street, the Green Room is the perfect spot for anyone yearning for a sharp cut, but desperate to avoid the Newbury Street...Read More

2014 Best Haircut, Women's

Michelle Lee, Salon Eva Michelle


When we showed Michelle Lee our hair inspiration—a shot of actress Kate Mara’s chic and shaggy shoulder-length bob—she nodded knowingly and got to work. As she snipped, she explained that...Read More

2011 Best Haircut, Men's

Chuck Bass Jean Pierre Salon


A scissoring from Bass doesn’t come cheap (expect to drop a C-note on a session), but you’ll finally get what you need in a haircut, as opposed to those one-size-fits-all...Read More

2011 Best Haircut, Women's

Brian Rand, Trephin


There are stylists whose names are plastered on salon windows. There are stylists who charge $400 a cut. And then there’s the quietly brilliant Rand, who takes a good, long...Read More

2009 Best Haircut, Affordable

Kashmir – Viselli Santoro Salon


Delivering a stylish scissoring and blow-dry in under an hour, one-name-wonder Kashmir is adept at making chair-side chitchat, which puts her clients quickly at ease. At less than 60 bucks...Read More

2006 Best Haircut, Men's

Henry Canas, Emerge by Giuliano


On its third floor, Emerge has a men-only area where male patrons can get a classic barber’s haircut and shave, massage, or mani-pedi in unblushing privacy. We were just as...Read More

2006 Best Haircut, $50 and Under

James Joseph Studio


Thanks to James Joseph’s new little sister, an affordable Newbury salon finally exists. Cuts start at $40, but it’s worth springing for Michelle Lee’s $50 stylings—they often outshine her neighbors’...Read More

2006 Best Haircut, $200 and Over

Mario Russo


You have to be either supremely talented or obscenely arrogant to charge $225 for a mere coiffure. Mario Russo is the former. The proof? He’s been snipping and shaping some...Read More

2006 Best Haircut, $200 and Under

Salon Marc Harris


Have a spare $125 and need a new do? Marc Harris’s adroitly angled razor cuts are the sharpest in town. An updated, more sophisticated look—one that actually accentuates your face’s...Read More

2006 Best Haircut, $100 and Under


South Boston

Don’t be scared off by his talk of ‘rock star’ style. Shag owner Sandy Poirier may specialize in edgy layers, but his $70 cut can be whatever you want it...Read More

2006 Best Haircut, Women's

Jeffrey Dauksevich, Umi Salon


Jeffrey Dauksevich wants to take control of your hair. Here’s why you should let him: Drawing on his two decades of experience, he still gives you the cut you really...Read More

2005 Best Haircut, Men's

Sandy Poirier, Shag

South Boston

Some say you should never trust a bald barber, but there’s an exception to every rule. Poirier, the tonsured and tattooed owner of this year-old salon in South Boston, is...Read More

2005 Best Haircut, Women's

Patrick McGinley, Vidal Sassoon Salon


Patrick McGinley knows women’s hair. The longtime creative director of Vidal Sassoon on upper Newbury Street has an instinct for sculpting even the most hard-to-manage hair into superior shape. With...Read More

2004 Best Haircut, Women's, West

Leon & Co.


Some women regard the perfect haircut as the answer to every ill. It melts away pounds, increases IQ, and does your taxes. In reality, it does something almost as tough:...Read More

2004 Best Haircut, Women's

Dirk Diegel, Vidal Sassoon


It takes time for a hairstylist to earn your trust—time that is measured in inch-long increments. Dirk Diegel instantly inspires confidence with his careful, studied, and razor-sharp cutting skills. Trained...Read More

2003 Best Haircut, Women's

Dean Boudreau, Beaucage Salon


Balancing flattery with innovation isn’t easy in the hair world: Too many stylists lean toward either ho-hum cuts that bring out a client’s best features or edgy numbers that make...Read More

2003 Best Haircut, Men's

Melanie Rokes, Liquid Hair Studios


There are men who prefer to have their locks styled while breathing purified air at a Newbury Street day spa, and there are men willing to roll the dice at...Read More

2003 Best Haircut, Women's, West

Nicholas Penna Jr., Salon Capri


Nicholas Penna’s cuts are like Zac Posen’s best dresses: sharp but with great movement, clasically shaped, flattering, and tinged with modern touches. And like Posen, Penna is full of promise....Read More

2002 Best Haircut, West

Leon & Co.


You’d expect to find a kindly gardener and art collector holed up in Belmont. But a jet-setting hair- and fashion-industry giant? In Leon de Magistris, they’re one and the same....Read More

1999 Best Haircut, Long

Giuliana Ruotolo, Gina Salon


Giuliana, the daughter of salon owner Gino Ruotolo, is their heir to hair. Growing up in her father’s salon, Giuliana absorbed the techniques that maker her balanced and smooth long...Read More

1999 Best Haircut

Martyn Duff, Vidal Sassoon


Heads will be turning now that Duff, Sassoon’s North American creative director, has relocated to Boston. Masterful cut aside, we loved his approach—assessing your lifestyle, hair type, and sensibilities before...Read More

1998 Best Haircut, Women's Affordable

Charles Maksou


This man is an artist, sans the temperament problem. But first-timers take note: your hair will be washed and dried before Maksou takes scissors to head. Using the DryCut method...Read More

1998 Best Haircut, Women's Curly

Maria Madrid


First she stares, then she brushes, then she cuts. Maria is an aesthetic genius who spends time studying the planes of your face and the way your hair curves and...Read More

1998 Best Haircut, Women's Short

Billy Drummond


Short but not scary, his flattering haircuts make you feel like Winona Ryder or Isabella Rossellini (depending on your age and role model). Billy excels at developing long-term growth strategies...Read More

1998 Best Haircut, Men's

Tonya Pittman


Tired of waiting, as you have to do at any of the trendier salons in Back Bay where overbooking is a way of life? Tonya treats you like her only...Read More

1996 Best Haircut, Men's

Eco Centrix


Two floors of hair stylists, with better music and architecture than many Boston dance clubs. Ask for Mark or Steve, South Boston tough guys who’ll talk to you about basketball,...Read More

1995 Best Haircut, Men's

James at Solus


Our test of a good haircut: Will it grow out gracefully? In other words, can we get an extra week out of it without looking like outtakes from Headbangers’ Ball?...Read More

1993 Best Haircut, African American



This is no place to go when you’re in a hurry, but it’s the only place to go for the hottest cuts and braids...Read More

1989 Best Haircut, Free



Get a free cut from a licensed stylist who is learning the Supercuts method in the training center in the back—you can’t lose...Read More

1985 Best Haircut

Frank Xavier Salons


The best phrase to describe the hairstyles coming out of these two salons is “cutting edge...Read More

1985 Best Haircut

Salon Luiz


This is a small salon, with no offspring locations that owner Luiz Silva, the career person’s stylist, must divide his time between...Read More

1985 Best Haircut



Owner Connie Sullivan is active as a stylist, lecturer, and top dog in Inter-coiffure, the international hair stylists’ association...Read More

1981 Best Haircut

Diego at the Loft


Okay, off to the Hall of Fame with Diego Messina. And if you can’t get time with the master, try his protégé, Vincent Cox...Read More

1980 Best Haircut, Expensive

Diego at the Loft


Executive editor Curtis Hartmann has never been the same since Diego chopped his locks...Read More

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