Best Gym in Boston

2009 Best Gym



Too busy, too tired, too pale, too preoccupied hunting down errant sneakers…there are ample excuses to skip the gym. The trainers at Equinox dont want to hear it. Theyre toned,…Read More

2005 Best Gym

Fitcorp, Prudential Center


Tired of sweating on prehistoric equipment in dimly lit subterranean weight rooms? Head to Fitcorp at the Prudential Center, where floor-to-ceiling windows lend natural light to rows of treadmills, bikes,…Read More

2004 Best Gym



Let’s be clear: Gyms are not health clubs. They are not about watercooler antics and needless amenities; they are about sweating. Period. And with its slew of state-of-the-art equipment (strength-training…Read More

2003 Best Gym

Fitcorp, Prudential Center location


Somewhere between the grunting at Mike’s Gym II and the primping at Sports Club/LA falls Fitcorp’s new Prudential Center location, which strikes just the right balance of sweating and socializing….Read More

2002 Best Gym

Mike’s Gym II


There are gyms, and then there are sports clubs. Mike’s Gym II is unmistakably in the former club. And it’s for neither the soft-hearted nor the soft-bodied; with seven rooms…Read More

2001 Best Gym

Mike’s Gym II


These days, “gym” is such a bandied-about catchword, people barely know what it means anymore. Well, we do. It means a no-frills establishment where people come to sweat, not be…Read More

2000 Best Gym

Boston Body


Boston Body is a gym for gym people. Nowhere else in town can compete with its variety of classes, the most popular of which is “Butts and Guts.” But the…Read More

1999 Best Gym

Mike’s Gym II


The true test of a great gym is the leg equipment, and Mike’s has it all—plus amenities including sauna, Jacuzzi, and tanning beds. From 5 to 8 on weeknights, Adonises…Read More

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