Best Group Dining, Affordable in Boston

2005 Best Group Dining, Affordable

Jasper White’s Summer Shack


Fasten your plastic bib, roll up your sleeves, and park your party at one of the long picnic tables inside Jasper White’s Cambridge clam shack, where the meal itself is…Read More

2004 Best Group Dining, Affordable

Peking Tom’s Longtang Lounge


It may sound tacky on paper, but in person, Peking Tom’s is deliciously campy and cool. With colorfully ironic splashes of Asian pop culture, delightful retro tinges, and plenty of…Read More

2003 Best Group Dining, Affordable

Pho Republique


It’s not often you can slink up to a hostess with 15 of your closest friends and expect that you’ll be quickly seated—let alone get a drink and some nibblies…Read More

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