Best French Restaurant in Boston




At Joséphine, executive chef Alex Falconer crafts Gallic works of art: seared scallops with crispy pork belly and a tuft of enoki mushrooms; duck confit nestled over a blood-orange gastriqueRead More

2015 Best French Restaurant

La Voile


Maybe it was the plush red banquettes and gold ceiling fans that sold us on this subterranean Newbury Street bistro. Or maybe it was the friendly Parisian server, or the...Read More

2014 Best French Restaurant



When it comes to French food in this town, there’s a mode for every mood, whether you’re looking for a bistro-standard croque-monsieur or a meticulously plated, multicourse extravaganza. Deuxave’s wunderkind...Read More

2013 Best French Restaurant



There’s no shortage of French technique in Boston, but few restaurants can effectively transport you to Paris for the night. Aquitaine, in the lovely old St. Cloud building (master architect...Read More

2009 Best French Restaurant, Affordable



Among the numerous suitors vying for our affections in this category, it’s the South End phenom Gaslight that’s romanced us best. The booming brasserie gets the vintage Parisian accents exactly...Read More

2009 Best French Restaurant



Ever since L’Espalier shed its homey brownstone for the aseptic Mandarin hotel complex last year, the Franco-frontrunner has struggled to recapture the magic, leaving the field wide open for numerous...Read More

2008 Best French Restaurant



While the intimacy of the old Gloucester Street townhouse will be missed, L’Espalier has reinvigorated its kitchen in preparation for a move to tony new digs near the Mandarin Oriental....Read More

2007 Best French Restaurant

Hamersley’s Bistro


Two decades after opening its doors, Hamersley’s turns out the same straightforwardly delicious French bistro food that made it, along with chef-owner Gordon Hamersley, a national sensation. You can play...Read More

2007 Best French Restaurant, Affordable

Petit Robert Bistro


Tuck into homemade pates, rich onion and leek soups, sardine sandwiches, and solid meat and seafood options. Sugar-bomb desserts cap off a feast made for the sans le sou foodie...Read More

2007 Best French Restaurant, Berkshires



It’s easy to forget, in our world of PDAs and ADD, that drawn-out dining can be a thing of delight. Everything at this hotel restaurant, from its jacket-and-tie requirement and...Read More

2006 Best French Restaurant, Affordable

Sandrine’s Bistro


The ambiance seems a touch suburban. But no matter: At Sandrine’s, all eyes are on chef Raymond Ost’s accessible French classics. Follow a salmon crepe starter with seared sea scallops...Read More

2006 Best French Restaurant

Craigie On Main


French food can be oh-so fussy. Unless Tony Maws is behind the stove. Maws passes on clichéd classics in favor of unusual ingredients that make each dish sing: Duck tongue...Read More

2006 Best French Restaurant, West



The sparks are still flying at seven-year-old Lumiere, hometown boy Michael Leviton’s utterly unsuburban Newton bistro. In the glow of copper-colored lamps, urbane, informed diners settle in for clean and...Read More

2005 Best French Restaurant, Affordable

Pierrot Bistrot Fran


It may be, as the book contends, that French Women Don’t Get Fat. But that’s only because they don’t have Pierre Sosnitsky feeding them. At the Maison Robert alumnus’s 11-month-old...Read More

2005 Best French Restaurant

Craigie Street Bistrot


The image of a French chef wandering a farmers’ market to determine what’s for dinner might seem a quaint and continental fantasy. Not so for Craigie Street’s Tony Maws, who...Read More

2005 Best French Restaurant, West


West Newton

Michael Leviton never buries his ingredients in ego, as some other chefs occasionally do. He always steers clear of fabulizing food. At Lumière, the appetizers, entrées—buttery sautéed haddock, for example—and desserts...Read More

2004 Best French Restaurant, Affordable

Craigie Street Bistrot


Hidden in the quiet, tweedy folds of residential Cambridge, this neighborhood restaurant is part exquisite cuisine, part delicious local fare, and all parts homage to true French bistro culture. Entering...Read More

2000 Best French Restaurant



Putting his own stamp on fusion fare, chef Frank McClelland has managed to combine the best of French culinary techniques with local New England ingredients to stunning effect. McClelland’s legendary...Read More

1999 Best French Restaurant

Maison Robert


We liked this Boston institution even before its recent renovation, but it’s great to see it at the top of its game. Redecorating its Old City Hall surroundings hasn’t hurt,...Read More

1998 Best French Restaurant



From the moment we pulled up to the wrought-iron entrance, we were impressed. Set in a Back Bay townhouse decorated with fine paintings, L’Espalier is both a visual treat and...Read More

1984 Best French Restaurant



Perhaps no longer the best restaurant in town, but still the one most evocative of contemporary French cuisine, in nineteenth-century Boston splendor...Read More

1982 Best French Restaurant, Cheap



Fine nouvelle, and cheap only in comparison to expensive French spots. If you want real cheap, go to Paris...Read More

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