Best Escape in Boston


Bunker Bill Monument


On step 10, you’re teeming with enthusiasm. On step 90, your thigh muscles begin to sting. On step 160, your heart is pounding and your lungs are begging for mercy….Read More

1999 Best Escape, Zen Getaway

International Buddhist Progress Society


You’d never know it from the outside, but the Buddhist Society, between Harvard and Central squares, is an oasis of peace, zen, and—great food! Start of with a little mind-clearing...Read More

1998 Best Escape, Nearby

Yankee Clipper Inn


There are surprisingly few seaside inns within an hour of Boston. But when you’ve found this one— and can afford the upper-end price tag— who needs others? Many of the...Read More

1996 Best Escape, Urban

Common Ground Cafe & Bakery


Outside, it’s simply a corner building in Dorchester. Inside, it’s another world of wooden floors, thatched-roofed alcoves, and muted lighting. Half the space is a casual cafe, the other is...Read More

1996 Best Escape, Harbor Island

George’s Island


This splendid island is part of the Massachusetts State Park System and its only residents are two knowledgeable park rangers. In addition to spectacular views of the inner and outer...Read More

1981 Best Escape, Vacation


But you better hurry; this island is becoming less and less of a retreat...Read More

1980 Best Escape, Vacation

The Allen House

Completely private. Ferry daily from New Bedford. Sport fishing, beaches, elegant dining. And hardly a car to be seen...Read More

1977 Best Escape, Artist

Bob Crane

And we don’t mean the star of “Hogan’s Heroes.” The local Crane show is just as long-running but our Bobby has had better luck getting out of tight spots. As...Read More

    Most Viewed Winners of Arts & Entertainment

    • The Sinclair, 2016 Best Music Venue
    • Boston Ballet, 2016 Best Dance Troupe
    • Palehound, 2016 Best Band

    Most Viewed Winners

    • Ostra, 2016 Best Seafood Restaurant
    • Neptune Oyster, 2015 Best Seafood Restaurant
    • Yankee Lobster Company, 2012 Best Seafood Restaurant, Casual