Best Dry Cleaner in Boston

2005 Best Dry Cleaner



So you spilled on your suit jacket—again. What to do? Bypass your neighborhood cleaners and drop off that soiled silk at Ecoluxe, which uses only organic, environmentally friendly treatment on…Read More

2004 Best Dry Cleaner



Name the stain (ketchup, dirt, car oil—we tried it all); Ecoluxe can get it out. Quickly, flawlessly, without hurting a fiber of the fabric, and without using medically and environmentally…Read More

2003 Best Dry Cleaner



With reports out almost daily about the dangers of chemical cleaning solvents (perchloroethylene, for example, has been linked to liver damage and cancer), the organic and biodegradable cleaning methods at…Read More

2002 Best Dry Cleaner



At long last, a dry cleaner that cares about you and your clothes. Ecoluxe has banished the chemicals commonly found in garden-variety dry cleaning (linked with a handful of harmful…Read More

2001 Best Dry Cleaner

Jean Palmer Company


Don’t be put off by the location: Jean Palmer picks up and delivers. This is where to take the super-expensive, delicate items in your closet. It’s also one of the…Read More

2000 Best Dry Cleaner

Dependable Cleaners


True to their name, the folks at Dependable will deodorize, de-spot, and de-wrinkle your duds—all within 24 hours (or even the same day if you schlep there by 8 a.m.)….Read More

1999 Best Dry Cleaner

Holly Cleaners


A white wool suit covered in tomato sauce didn’t faze the wizards at Holly. Our regular Back Bay cleaner looked at the mess and said he was likely to discolor…Read More

1998 Best Dry Cleaner

Holly Cleaners


People who have trouble keeping food in their mouth, wine in their glass, and their kids off their back spend a lot of time at the cleaners. The best thing…Read More

1993 Best Dry Cleaner

Miss Hefferman

Newton Centre

Miss Hefferman’s cleaners are every bit as finicky as the name suggests…Read More

1989 Best Dry Cleaner

Daloz the Cleaner


Meticulous. And pricey. But they pick up and deliver. Honorable mention: Flair Dry Cleaners, Wellington Circle, 656 Fellsway, Medford. They accept any other dry cleaner’s discount coupons…Read More

1985 Best Dry Cleaner

Crown Cleaners


A single person’s dream, they sew on buttons, mend ties, and more, and you don’t even have to ask…Read More

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