Best Diner in Boston


The Breakfast Club


A great diner isn’t built on food alone. Atmosphere counts, and this diner car has it in spades. There’s a black-and-white checkered floor and a crowded lunch counter, not to…Read More

2015 Best Diner

The Breakfast Club


There’s plenty of old-school fun at this retrofitted dining car: a soundtrack straight out of the ’80s (cue “I Wanna Dance with Somebody”-era Whitney), tons of vintage bric-a-brac, and a...Read More

2014 Best Diner

Galley Diner

South Boston

After enduring Whitey’s old neighborhood badly rendered in countless movies and reality shows over the years, it’s comforting to find a place that is perfectly, authentically, and effortlessly Southie. This...Read More

2013 Best Diner

Galley Diner


Despite a brief brush with fame following a 2011 appearance on Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations, Southie’s tiny Galley Diner remains a charmingly low-key spot for a good meal any time...Read More

2012 Best Diner

Victoria’s Diner


For greasy-good grub at 2, 3—even 4—in the morning, head to Andrew Square and order the “Deconstructed” at Victoria’s: two eggs with two pancakes or French toast, plus bacon, ham,...Read More

2011 Best Diner

South Street Diner


From eggs, home fries, and pancakes to the turkey club piled with crispy bacon, the 24-hour South Street Diner nails the classics, then ups the ante with plates like chocolatey...Read More

2008 Best Diner

Deluxe Town Diner


Fanatical loyalty to one’s local diner isn’t based on food alone: It’s the atmosphere, stupid. At the Deluxe, which cooks up solid fare with a twist (e.g., sweet-potato pancakes), we’re...Read More

2002 Best Diner

The Rosebud Diner


This old-school diner a short stroll from Davis Square features solid renditions of the usual short-order, comfort-food staples—meatloaf burgers, club sandwiches, and the like—and a nicely stocked bar offering comforting...Read More

2001 Best Diner

Kelly’s Diner


There’s a difference between authentic and retro, and this no-nonsense Somerville treasure falls squarely in the former category. It has everything you come to a diner for—a 1953 Jerry O’Mahoney...Read More

2000 Best Diner

Salem Diner


Escape the school groups screaming outside the Witch Museum and hit the Salem Diner, a former classic one-ended streamliner train car. With its quintessential counters and stools, The Salem starts...Read More

1999 Best Diner

The Rosebud Diner


While the rest of Davis Square submits to a yuppified takeover (Coming Soon! Starbucks!), the Rosebud is one of the last holdouts of old-time Somerville. Okay, the bloody brawls are...Read More

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