Best Columnist in Boston


Scott Lehigh

A breath of fresh air on the otherwise predictable Globe op-ed page, who actually goes out and covers political events—something too few other columnists bother to do these days…Read More

2001 Best Columnist, Political

Howie Carr

The Herald‘s Howie Carr, for covering the establishment, instead of coveting a place in it...Read More

2001 Best Columnist, Gossip

Steve Bailey

For devoting his May 2 column to documents alleging that Boston Harbor Hotel general manager Paul Jacques was “the other man” in a divorce suit between his former sales director...Read More

2001 Best Columnist, Business

Steve Bailey

The Globe‘s Steve Bailey, who knows more about corporate Boston than the CEOs who rush to read his column every morning...Read More

1999 Best Columnist, Guest

Tom Menino, Boston Herald

Filling in for Joe Sciacca one morning last month, the Mayor (or whoever ghostwrote the column for him) gave as good as he has gotten all these years. But he...Read More

1999 Best Columnist, Half

Adrian Walker, Boston Globe

In June, the Metro columnist was briefly cut back from writing two columns a week to one, owing to a number of errors in his stories, including a column on...Read More

1999 Best Columnist, Business

Steve Bailey, Boston Globe

Picking up where his predecessor, the estimable Joan Vennochi, left off, Bailey hasn’t missed a beat covering the business-politics beat. On the contrary, whether he’s writing about the Fleet-Bank-Boston merger,...Read More

1999 Best Columnist, Sports

Michael Holley, Boston Globe

He’s everything sports punditry has never been in this town. In pages dominated by aging Irishmen, yes, he’s young and black. More to the point, he’s aggressive, witty, and stylish....Read More

1997 Best Columnist

Peter Gelzinis, Boston Herald

First during the battle over building a stadium in his native South Boston, then during the handwringing over a rash of teen suicides in the neighborhood, Gelzinis was everything a...Read More

1995 Best Columnist, Demagogue as

Howie Carr

His once-aggressive muckraking at the Herald has descended to xenophobic ranting and raving...Read More

1995 Best Columnist

Alex Beam

The only Globe columnist who leaves us thinking, or laughing, or both...Read More

1994 Best Columnist

Peter Gelzinis

Now that Ray Flynn is no longer in office at the Herald‘s Peter Gelzinis can stop being an apologist and use his talent and energy to be the best in...Read More

1994 Best Columnist, Sports

Michael Gee of the Herald

Nobody is having a great year, so we’ve been advised by one sports ace: In the valley of the blind give it to the one-eyed man...Read More

1989 Best Columnist, Sports, Print

Charles Pierce, Boston Herald

Upholds the best traditions of rock-and-roll sportswriting. Tremendous reach. And vision that extends beyond the playing field...Read More

1988 Best Columnist, Political

Political Staff, Boston Herald

The paper’s Sunday “Pols and Politics” column—a breezy, biting collection of one-liners, tidbits, and anecdotes culled from the annals of the state’s number-one spectator sport—is a must-read for political junkies...Read More

1988 Best Columnist, Daily

Bella English, Boston Globe

This perpetually lame Stepford scribe’s reports on suburban life actually make you yearn for Mike Barnicle’s cheesy bluster...Read More

1988 Best Columnist, Weekly

Officer John Sacco, South End News

Sacco’s lighthearted litany of crime and punishment is a Newgate Calendar for the South End. He’s been at it for years—and he’s still the best thing ever to happen to...Read More

1988 Best Columnist, Weekly

Officer John Sacco, South End News

Sacco’s lighthearted litany of crime and punishment is a Newgate Calendar for the South End. He’s been at it for years—and he’s still the best thing ever to happen to...Read More

1987 Best Columnist

Peter Gelzinis, Boston Herald

Gelzinis has had his ups and downs, but he’s been on an upper this year. And every year he’s what Mike Barnicle pretends to be: a streetwise guy who cares...Read More

1983 Best Columnist

The Late George Frazier

The Boston Globe‘s been trying to replace him for years. This winter they gave up and simply recycled some of his old columns...Read More

1981 Best Columnist, Political

Ian Menzies, the Globe

Smart, cares about the city, avoids hyperbole. Worth listening to. Edges out the Herald’s Peter Lucas, who’s written one too many pro-Bellotti pieces...Read More

1979 Best Columnist, Funny

Diane White

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: the top talent at the Globe...Read More

1975 Best Columnist

Dave O’Brian

Dave O’Brian, whose column, “Don’t Quote Me,” appears regularly in the Phoenix. In writing about the press, O’Brian explains what journalists should do as much by example as preachment...Read More

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