Best Columnist, Political in Boston

2002 Best Columnist, Political

Scott Lehigh

A breath of fresh air on the otherwise predictable Globe op-ed page, who actually goes out and covers political events—something too few other columnists bother to do these days…Read More

2001 Best Columnist, Political

Howie Carr

The Herald‘s Howie Carr, for covering the establishment, instead of coveting a place in it…Read More

1988 Best Columnist, Political

Political Staff, Boston Herald

The paper’s Sunday “Pols and Politics” column—a breezy, biting collection of one-liners, tidbits, and anecdotes culled from the annals of the state’s number-one spectator sport—is a must-read for political junkies…Read More

1981 Best Columnist, Political

Ian Menzies, the Globe

Smart, cares about the city, avoids hyperbole. Worth listening to. Edges out the Herald’s Peter Lucas, who’s written one too many pro-Bellotti pieces…Read More

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  • David Brudnoy, 2002 Best Radio, Talk-Show Host

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  • Asta, 2014 Best Restaurant, General Excellence