Best Coffee in Boston




What’s one way to maintain control over your coffee and espresso? Own a supply chain—which is how this Cambridge shop, from local roaster Barismo, became such a well-oiled machine. Beyond…Read More

2015 Best Coffee Shop

Thinking Cup


This was a winner in our 2015 Best of Boston Readers’ Poll. See all the 2015 winners...Read More

2014 Best Coffee Shop



For many, “grabbing a cup of coffee” means getting your buzz on fast. Render will encourage you to slow down and enjoy the process: All hot coffees are meticulously prepared...Read More

2014 Best Coffee Shop

Thinking Cup


This was a winner in our 2014 Best of Boston Readers’ Poll. See all the 2014 winners...Read More

2013 Best Coffee Shop

1369 Coffee House


For two decades, 1369 has embodied the Platonic ideal of a coffee house: marvelous brews, plentiful dessert and sandwich offerings, and ample seating for the cadre of boho Cantabrigians that...Read More

2012 Best Coffee Shop

Pavement Coffeehouse


One of the first places in Boston to offer pour-over and cold-brew coffees, Pavement goes well beyond crafting lattes and cappuccinos (although these are fantastic here, too). From the quality...Read More

2011 Best Coffee Shop

Thinking Cup


Amid the vibeless businesses catering to tourists around the Common, Thinking Cup reminds us of the downtown that Bostonians deserve: grownup, urbane, and a little sexy. Outfitted with a sweeping...Read More

2010 Best Coffee Shop

Wired Puppy


Less than a year old, Wired Puppy’s Newbury Street café is smartly taking cues from its sister store in Provincetown. Each cup of tea or coffee is certified organic and...Read More

2009 Best Coffee Shop

Crema Cafe


By virtue of its excellence-obsessed baristas and premium roasters (Terroir, Barismo), our city is pouring itself a righteous coffee reputation that gives new meaning to the nickname ‘Beantown.’ Coffee nerds...Read More

2008 Best Coffee Shop, Neighborhood, North End

Boston Common Coffee Co.


Rumor has it, the strong java at this American-style café has found fans even among the traditionalists at nearby coffee-roaster Polcari’s...Read More

2008 Best Coffee Shop

Diesel Café


While the corporate megapercolators spend millions on ads that pit yuppies against average joes, the Diesel buzzes blissfully along, keeping the emphasis on the coffee. Tattered banquettes and walls covered...Read More

2008 Best Coffee Shop, Neighborhood, Fenway/Symphony

Espresso Royale


Offering the consistency of a chain minus the deadening corporate feel, it strikes the right note with BSO crowds and local music students...Read More

2008 Best Coffee Shop, Neighborhood, South Boston

Mul’s Diner


A cup at Mul’s is always bracing, and made even better by the presence of myriad cops, reporters, and pols hanging out at the legendary greasy spoon...Read More

2008 Best Coffee Shop, Neighborhood, Charlestown

Zumes Coffee House


Opened last year, locally owned Zumes has won over Townies with its upscale tea and coffee drinks and do-lounge-around décor...Read More

2008 Best Coffee Shop, Neighborhood, Roslindale

Emack & Bolio’s


The local ice cream chain’s flagship serves up plain old joe, plus the requisite mocha-half-caf-foamed-and-dusted folderol we love...Read More

2008 Best Coffee Shop, Neighborhood, Washington Square



Marble-topped tables and wrought-iron lighting give Athan’s a shot of European flavor. Try the Nescafé frappe, a Greek fave that shames plain iced coffee...Read More

2008 Best Coffee Shop, Neighborhood, Allston

2nd Cup Café


Pedigreed beans (George Howell) ground and brewed in small batches make for the freshest refueling stop on the block...Read More

2008 Best Coffee Shop, Neighborhood, Central Square

1369 Coffee House


The premium product at this funky storefront is poured by genuine bean-lovers, not fast-food automatons or Stepford baristas...Read More

2008 Best Coffee Shop, Neighborhood, Davis Square

Diesel Café


Students, professionals, and assorted journal scribblers all hang at the Diesel, drawn by quality brews and a thoroughly unpretentious atmosphere...Read More

2007 Best Coffee Shop

Uptown Espresso


It’s not hard to miss Uptown Espresso, tucked into the first floor of a townhouse in the South End—although once you know it’s there, it’s virtually impossible to walk past....Read More

2006 Best Coffee Shop, Neighborhood, Beacon Hill



It now serves both lunch and dinner, but the bakery-café is still the spot for a midmorning espresso...Read More

2006 Best Coffee Shop, Neighborhood, Back Bay

L’Aroma Cafe


The upbeat staffers at this antichain know regulars’ daily orders and deliver them with aplomb...Read More

2006 Best Coffee Shop, Neighborhood, South End

Flour Bakery + Cafe


The buttery sugared brioche and pain aux raisins pair perfectly with cappuccino...Read More

2006 Best Coffee Shop, Neighborhood, Jamaica Plain

J.P. Licks

Jamaica Plain

No, people, you can’t eat ice cream every day. But thanks to five blends of java, you can get a daily J.P. Licks fix...Read More

2006 Best Coffee Shop, Neighborhood, Harvard Square

Cafe Pamplona


Waiters in white shirts and black pants serve strong cafe con leche to an eclectic cast of regulars...Read More

2003 Best Coffee

Torrefazione Italia


Aunt Bette often says there’s nothing worse than a bad cup of tea, but she’s wrong. A bad cup of coffee is a greater offense. And there are far too...Read More

2002 Best Coffee Shop

Someday Café


A Somerville fixture from the days when Davis was still square, this terminally bohemian café is beloved by an increasingly yuppified local populace that prefers pastries and strong java served...Read More

2001 Best Coffee Shop



Warm sun streams into this Charles Street bakery-cum-café’s expansive windows, where the clientele kicks back (sometimes for hours) over high-octane lattes, crumbly slices of walnut bread, and the daily papers....Read More

2000 Best Coffee Shop

Diesel Cafe


Diesel is just what a coffee shop should be: a balanced union of hip and cozy. Helping up the cool quotient in Davis Square, Diesel has walls full of original...Read More

1998 Best Coffee, Beans

Polcari’s Coffee


Of course the coffee at this quaint North End shop is excellent. It comes from the Excellent Company in Rhode Island. There was a day when the Polcari family (merchants...Read More

1997 Best Coffee Shop

Roasters Coffee & Tea Company


If you live in fear of the ubiquitous Starbucks turning up on every street corner, head to the recently opened, one-of-a-kind Roasters. It’s professional enough to be a chain (it’s...Read More

1995 Best Coffee, Roaster

Java Sun


Jim Cleaves, Java Sun’s head roaster, says the secret to his beans’ flavor is microroasting—that is, roasting in small batches for better quality control and freshness. The proof is in...Read More

1994 Best Coffee Shop, Java Hangout

Caffe Vittoria


Terraced seating for people watching, great espresso, and a healthy dose of the old-country feel that makes the North End the North End...Read More

1993 Best Coffee, Beans

The Coffee Connection

The Coffee Connection may be the premier coffee-bean purveyor in the country. We know for sure it’s the best in New England...Read More

1991 Best Coffee, Vendor, New



Finally, another bean roaster selling high-quality, fresh coffee beans. The breakfast blend is super, and so are the pastries...Read More

1983 Best Coffee Shop

Café Paradiso


Where chic Waterfront dwellers mingle with North End old-timers. The best homemade spumoni in town...Read More

1981 Best Coffee, Beans



Not the restaurant, the food shop. Now you know why the coffee’s so good in the North End...Read More

1974 Best Coffee

The Cafe Budapest

The Cafe Budapest prepares a number of items well, but nobody in the area comes close to its Vietnamese coffee...Read More

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