Best Cocktail in Boston


Ames Street Deli


Editor’s Note, July 13, 1 p.m.: Ames Street—which merged with its neighbor Study for a combined concept called “Study at Ames” in late June, after press time for our Best of…Read More

2015 Best Cocktail Bar

Straight Law


Generally, a top-notch cocktail bar attempts to cover all the angles in the wider spirits world. But there’s something to be said for homing in on a smaller niche and...Read More

2014 Best Cocktail Bar



After six years spent whipping the city into a craft-cocktail frenzy with its pitch-perfect Manhattan variations and handcarved ice cubes, Barbara Lynch and John Gertsen's tippler's haven has, thankfully, loosened...Read More

2013 Best Cocktail Bar



Drink is a bar of firsts—the first high-profile craft-cocktail joint in South Boston; the first place that some of the city’s top bartenders worked; and, most notably, the first place...Read More

2012 Best Cocktail, DIY Mocktails



Ever since local chain Boloco installed the epic Coca-Cola Freestyle machines, we go for soda first, burritos second. More than 100 flavors are available—from peach Fanta to vanilla-cherry Coke...Read More

2012 Best Cocktail, Shots with a Twist

Brick & Mortar


When we want a stiff (and not-so-serious) drink, it’s tough to top the shots offered by Cambridge newcomer Brick & Mortar. There’s the daiquiri-inspired “D.T.O.,” the petite Jack and Coke...Read More

2011 Best Cocktail, Cool

The Rita Moreno, Gargoyles on the Square


A string of too many unfortunately flavored concoctions had put us off anything other than the classics…and then we met the Rita Moreno. A sexy southwestern cousin of the cosmo,...Read More

2008 Best Cocktail, Menu

Green Street


Looking for the city’s top bartenders on their night off? They’re probably knocking ’em back right here in Central Square, along with anyone else who puts a premium on creative,...Read More

2007 Best Cocktail, Menu



No green apple martinis here. Only ingenious blends make it onto Rendezvous’s cocktail list: gin blended with kaffir lime and curry, vodka stirred with pear brandy and cardamom. Like the...Read More

2006 Best Cocktail, Mojito

Chez Henri


Once a mixologist’s best trick, the mojito has become cliché. But at Chez Henri, the Cuban concoction retains its allure with white rum (not dark), sugar cane (not simple syrup),...Read More

2006 Best Cocktail

No. 9 Park


Regulars at No. 9 Park are devoted to the house cocktail for the same reason they are to chef Barbara Lynch’s prune-stuffed gnocchi with foie gras: It’s simplicity perfected. While...Read More

2005 Best Cocktail

Basil-Lime Gimlet, Via Matta


At a spot that has the feel of an Italian neighborhood trattoria (if said neighborhood were full of top-tax-bracket Italians, that is), this defining cocktail is appropriately light and socially...Read More

2003 Best Cocktail, Cool

The Palmyra, No. 9 Park


Enough already with the fruity cocktail fads that result in sticky fingers and killer hangovers. The ultimate in cool libations is an inventive concoction so succulent it’s destined to achieve...Read More

2003 Best Cocktail, Classic

Gibson Martin, The Bristol Lounge


You can almost taste the sun rising again on the British Empire in your first sip of this bracing, gin-loaded cocktail. By the second dry sip, you’re convinced you may...Read More

2002 Best Cocktail, Cool

Thai Martini, Cuchi Cuchi


Who knew a drink could be so high-octane and still taste so good? The masterminding bartenders at Cuchi Cuchi make their Thai martini by mashing fresh lemongrass and ginger-infused simple...Read More

2002 Best Cocktail, Classic

Martini, Sonsie


Sonsie-bashing had become such a popular sport for a while, the ensuing recoil could only have put the place back in vogue. Well, here’s at least one hard-hitting reason to...Read More

2001 Best Cocktail, Classic

The Oak Room, Sidecar


As a rule, hard-drinking journalist types hate—or pretend to hate—any cocktail that tastes like dessert. So the Oak Room’s version of the sidecar—a brandy, Cointreau, and lemon juice concoction invented...Read More

2000 Best Cocktail, Upscale

Pear Martini, No. 9 Park


The pear martini is a revelation. A symphonic combination of Grey Goose Vodka, Belle de Brillet Poire, and pear nectar garnished with a dried pear slice, it’s dainty yet substantial,...Read More

2000 Best Cocktail, Funky

Mojito, Chez Henri


Crushed mint leaves, a squeeze of fresh lime juice, sugar, and white rum combine for the ideal mojito, a sexy Cuban cocktail. Sip it by itself for a beat-the-heat refreshment,...Read More

1998 Best Cocktail, After-Theater



True, your drink will cost almost as much as your theater ticket. But there are plenty of cushy couches to lounge on. Plus, Seth...Read More

1994 Best Cocktail, Signature Drink

The Purple Martini


Bombay Sapphire gin with a splash of Elysium, a dessert wine, served in a chilled martini glass with a twist. Refreshing and potent, refined enough for the martini scene, softened...Read More

1994 Best Cocktail, New Drink

The Antipasti Martinia


Take 3 sprigs of fresh rosemary, 1 fennel stalk with leaves, 6 sun-dried tomatoes, 2 garlic cloves, 8 black Italian olives, 1 dry hot red Italian pepper, 1 small red...Read More

1994 Best Cocktail, New Bubbly

Westport 1990 Brut


Forget California. Now you can toast that special occasion with New England’s own sparkling wine. It was uncorked July 3 by vineyard owners Bob and Carol Russell...Read More

1992 Best Cocktail, After-Theater

The Bristol Lounge


The impeccable service and plump armchairs make this the perfect place to sip spirits while digesting the evening’s images...Read More

1992 Best Cocktail, After Work



Self-aware professionals of all ages flake out (slightly) after 5:30, renewing their strength with small crisp-crust pizzas...Read More

1988 Best Cocktail, New

Sit on My Face

A triple-layer encounter with Frangelico sitting on Bailey’s and Bailey’s sitting on Kahlúa. The hardest thing is having the guts to ask for it...Read More

1987 Best Cocktail, New

Sex on the Beach

Sweet and smooth, with a memorable kick. Everyone makes it differently, but most local bars pour vodka, Peachtree schnapps, cranberry juice, and orange juice...Read More

1986 Best Cocktail, Hour Food



Be sure to get there early for the shrimp and roast beef...Read More

1985 Best Cocktail, Hour

Turner Fisheries


For the price of a drink, an all-you-can-eat bonanza of top-flight seafood...Read More

1984 Best Cocktail, Menu



But an extensive menu does not necessarily mean long on quality...Read More

1984 Best Cocktail, Adult Kool-Aid

Long Island iced tea

Five different liquors and flavored with cola and lemon. If the bartender can’t make it, you’re at the wrong place...Read More

1983 Best Cocktail, Champagne by Glass

Annie B


They’ve been pouring Moët here, and on occasion Dom Perignon, and charging as little as $4 a glass. And they don’t seem to have any competition...Read More

1983 Best Cocktail, Sangria

Sol Azteca


Smooth, fresh, and flavorful, this classic version goes down by the pitcherful. Maître d’Herman makes the service gracious as well...Read More

1982 Best Cocktail, Business Drink (But Not a Deal)

Brandy Pete’s


Casual, in the heart of the financial district, with decent food, too...Read More

1982 Best Cocktail, Business Drink (And a Deal)

The Algonquin Club


The private club favored by the heads of the city’s banks and insurance companies...Read More

1981 Best Cocktail, Outdoor



Boston lacks the perfect waterfront drinking hole. Ahmed’s patio, in Cambridge, is nice enough, and its summer drink specials will have to do until we find something better...Read More

1981 Best Cocktail, Alternative

Blueberry Daiquiri, P. B. Sharon’s


When the berries are in season, this is the finest drink Boston has to offer the sweet tooth. When they’re not, the cognac library here isn’t a bad alternative to...Read More

1977 Best Cocktail, Fruit

Piña Colada at The Hollow Reed


The emphasis at this restaurant is on seafood fresh from the docks and natural food dishes. If you think you don’t like brown rice, the alcoholic fruit drinks—many made with...Read More

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