Best Coach in Boston


Doug Eng


When he’s not helping locals perfect serves, slices, and backhands, Doug Eng is coaching the Tufts men’s tennis team, writing for tennis publications, and traveling the training and speaking circuit….Read More

1995 Best Coach

Bill Parcells

Is New England willing to put up with a corpulent, egotistical Woody Hayes clone to win a Superbowl? Uh, duh...Read More

1994 Best Coach

Bill Parcells

He did everything he said he was going to do, including searching the closets for all the old whoopie cushions, dribble glasses, and rubber noses left over from previous regimes...Read More

1989 Best Coach, Pro

Joe Morgan

Cast your mind back to the summer of ’88. Remember “Morgan’s Miracle”?

1988 Best Coach, Pro

K. C. Jones

Yeah, he should have played Brad Lohaus and Reggie Lewis, but for five years K. C. has been a stylish presence in town. And the Celtics did win a few...Read More

1988 Best Coach, Amateur

Joe Restic

Harvard’s football coach didn’t have a great team. Nevertheless, he copped the Ivy League championship...Read More

1987 Best Coach, Pro

K.C. Jones

A masterful juggling act in a season racked with injury and pain...Read More

1986 Best Coach, Pro

K. C. Jones

The Celtics’ coach understands that this team needs little instruction and lots of support...Read More

1981 Best Coach

Tom Davis

Not much of a team, a point-shaving scandal, a Big East championship. Into the Hall of Fame with you, Doctor...Read More

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