Best Chocolate in Boston



EH wins on the merits of its “Big Tasty” box alone, featuring gussied-up versions of classics like Almond Joys and Three Musketeers, as well as new creations (caramelized white-chocolate bars…Read More

2014 Best Chocolate


Whether you’re a cacao purist or someone who thinks outside the standard chocolate box, you’ll no doubt find something to savor from this Somerville-based online chocolatier. Cofounders Elaine Hsieh and...Read More

2013 Best Chocolate

Evelyn and Angel’s


Crystal-shaped Piedmont-hazelnut bonbons. Chunky walnut-caramel clusters. Star-anise truffles. The chocolates at this new Porter Square shop, displayed like delicate china, are as pretty as they are decadent. The Wonka-like environs,...Read More

2001 Best Chocolate, North

The Chocolate Café


Trust a chocolatier from Nantucket to bring high-end confections to us in a lace-curtained, picture-perfect café. Specialties at this shop include dark chocolate cherry cordials and addictive chocolate-covered candied orange...Read More

2001 Best Chocolate, Experience

L.A. Burdick Chocolates


Want to experience a European café without the jet lag? Head to Burdick. The true test of chocoholism is actually finishing the iced hot chocolate—a deeply decadent concoction poured over...Read More

2001 Best Chocolate, Shop

Teuscher Chocolates of Switzerland


Your quest for the Holy Grail of chocolate can end right here. Topnotch and velvety white, dark, and milk chocolates are flown in from Switzerland every week to literally and...Read More

2000 Best Chocolate

L.A. Burdick


We love the cozy tables in the storefront overlooking Brattle. We love the tiny chocolate mice, complete with colorful ribbon tails. But what we really adore is the fact that...Read More

1997 Best Chocolate



Champagne truffles? Assorted pralines? Emphatically, yes! These bon-bons are mindnumbingly sweet and decadent beyond belief. Unfortunately the prices can be prohibitive—8 ounces for $27—but sometimes you just gotta have it...Read More

1996 Best Chocolate, Truffles

Chocolat de Versailles


Beautiful truffles created by pastry chef extraordinaire Rick Katz. Flavors include breathtaking coffee-mint with fresh mint leaves, delicate chocolate caramel, and divine ginger white chocolate. Note: not available in the...Read More

1994 Best Chocolate, Therapy

Herrell’s Ice Cream

Chocolate Pudding ice cream is a flavor phenomenon: more dense than ice cream, more malleable than fudge, it is a heart-stopping, concentrated burst of chocolate, guaranteed to meet your direst...Read More

1994 Best Chocolate, Politically Correct

Gazelle Candies by Jamron


Totally free of artificial ingredients, wrapped in environmentally conscious packaging, and 10 percent of the profits are donated to nonprofit earth-friendly organizations. What better excuse to indulge your chocolate binges?

1994 Best Chocolate, Babka

Cake Art & Confections


All of Cake Art’s babkas are sublime, but we love the chocolate—rich and crumbly—with chocolate through the center and drizzled like lace over the top. This is a babka Seinfeld’s...Read More

1993 Best Chocolate, Tortoises

Bari & Gail Chocolatier

Newton Upper Falls

You know chocolate turtles. Now imagine something three times bigger made with either milk or dark chocolate, cashews or almonds, and buttery caramel. That’s a Bari & Gail tortoise...Read More

1992 Best Chocolate, Politically Correct

Toucan Chocolates


Recycled paper, vegetable-based ink, nuts from the rain forest in Brazil. PC never tasted so good...Read More

1991 Best Chocolate

The Chocolate Truffle


With truffles like these, we constantly wonder, Perhaps being a chocoholic isn’t so bad after all. Woburn never tasted so sweet...Read More

1989 Best Chocolate

The Chocolate Box


If this perfect pearl of a shop had been around 200 years ago, Marie Antoinette would have said, “Let them eat chocolate-dipped macaroons.” Then again, anything from the Chocolate Box...Read More

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