Best Chinese Restaurant in Boston


Chef Chang’s on Back Bay


Sichuan, Xinjiang, Shaanxi: The regional cuisines of China are liberally represented by a broad selection of outstanding eats at this garden-level hideaway. From simple pork sandwiches on flatbread to extravagantly…Read More

2015 Best Chinese Restaurant

Qingdao Garden


Boston reps several styles of Chinese cuisine well—we have fiery Sichuan specialists, Taiwanese soup-dumpling pros, and temples to luxurious Cantonese seafood in Chinatown. For the floury, dumpling-heavy cuisine of the...Read More

2014 Best Chinese Restaurant

Taiwan Café


The brothy xiao long bao (or soup dumpling) has long been the darling of the food world. We get it, sure, but we’d also like to turn your attention to...Read More

2013 Best Chinese Restaurant

Jo Jo Taipei


Long before every trendy restaurant was putting pork-stuffed bao on the bar menu, this Allston stalwart was serving up a (perfectly) traditional version of the Taiwanese specialty: a fluffy steamed...Read More

2012 Best Chinese Restaurant

Jo Jo Taipei


One bite of this Allston beauty’s crisp, pillowy scallion-and-roast-beef pancakes, and you’ll never order those sad, green-flecked cardboard slabs from your local Chinese takeout joint again. Here, it’s all authentic...Read More

2012 Best Chinese Restaurant, South

Sichuan Gourmet


It may look like any other suburban strip mall Chinese joint, but don’t let looks deceive you: The kung pao chicken, ma po tofu, and Chengdu spicy dumplings here are...Read More

2011 Best Chinese Restaurant

Jojo Taipei


The finest Chinese around, it turns out, isn’t anywhere near Chinatown. JoJo specializes in Taiwanese cuisine, but there are enough options for every level of taste and bravery, from the...Read More

2011 Best Chinese Restaurant, South

Sichuan Gourmet


Hidden behind this Chinese joint’s bland exterior you’ll find flavorful, expertly prepared dishes aplenty. Kung pao chicken and beef with broccoli come sans cornstarchy sauces, and the more authentic Szechwan...Read More

2009 Best Chinese Restaurant



Chinese eateries have long been stuck between a wok and a hard place: hew to the Americanized hit parade, or risk alienating the crowds craving kung pao. Thankfully, a coup...Read More

2008 Best Chinese Restaurant

Mary Chung


Canny gastronomes make it a habit to trail MIT’s international students to the area’s top home-style Asian, Middle Eastern, and Latin American spots. So when we heard that Mary Chung...Read More

2007 Best Chinese Restaurant

New Jumbo Seafood


Last year a new owner added “New” to the name of this steadfastly excellent Chinatown joint. Happily, that appears to have been his only real change. The spicy salt calamari...Read More

2006 Best Chinese Restaurant

East Ocean City


A good gourmet always appreciates knowing where his food comes from. And at East Ocean City, where lobster, fish, shrimp, and king crab swim happily in large tanks before being...Read More

2005 Best Chinese Restaurant

Jumbo Seafood


Select a sea bass or blackfish from a giant tank, watch the waiters skillfully net it, and wait. Just 20 minutes later, said fish arrives steamed with scallions and ginger....Read More

2004 Best Chinese Restaurant

Peach Farm


Check the specials before ordering at Peach Farm—the seafood is always right from the tank, the clams in black bean sauce taste fresh from the sea, and the lobster with...Read More

2003 Best Chinese Restaurant

New Shanghai Restaurant


Sure, you’ll find General Gau’s chicken, lo mein, fried rice, and other Chinatown favorites on New Shanghai’s endless menu, but it’s unexpected details like a decent wine list, polished flatware,...Read More

2003 Best Chinese Restaurant, South

Beijing House Restaurant


Chef Kwok Cheng’s specialties include most of the usual suspects (lemon chicken, Dragon and Phoenix, the ubiquitous Family Delight), but Beijing House is much more Chinatown than anonymous suburban strip...Read More

2002 Best Chinese Restaurant

Taiwan Café


Taiwan Café’s light-as-a-feather handmade pan-fried dumplings, delicious tilapia braised with scallions and spicy bean curd, or garlicky sautéed watercress are a welcome change from the heavy-handed dishes found at many...Read More

2001 Best Chinese Restaurant

Jumbo Seafood Restaurant


On any given night you’ll find some of the city’s top chefs here after work with chopsticks waving. The eight water tanks filled with live seafood make fish and shellfish...Read More

2000 Best Chinese Restaurant

Jumbo Seafood


It stands to reason that seafood is the speciality of the house at this bright little spot near the Chinatown gate. To wit: The restaurant is decorated with tanks of...Read More

1999 Best Chinese Restaurant

New Shanghai


Nestled near the Chinatown gate, New Shanghai is, literally and figuratively, a step up from its neighbors. The decor is passable—it won’t depress you like some Chinese restaurants, and there’s...Read More

1998 Best Chinese Restaurant

Grand Chau Chow


No matter whom we ask, Grand Chau Chow is the first place people mention for authentic Chinese fare. In addition to such adventurous dishes as Fish Head with Ginger and...Read More

1997 Best Chinese Restaurant

Grand Chau Chow


Don’t let the illusion of space from the many mirrors fool you—Chinatown’s Grand Chau Chow, at least from the perspective of room to move, is not much grander than the...Read More

1996 Best Chinese Restaurant

New Shanghai


Chinese food doesn’t get any better than the Crispy Eels with Sweet Sauce, Vegetarian Goose, Crispy Scallops with Black Pepper Sauce, and General Gao’s Sphrimp, washed down with a cold...Read More

1996 Best Chinese Restaurant, Suburban

Lotus Blossom


Why is this parking lot so crowded? Why are they three-deep at the register, picking up huge bags of takeout? Could be the great shrimp with pineapple, the fantastic Grab...Read More

1995 Best Chinese Restaurant

Peach Farm Restaurant


Order from the fish tank by the entrance of this Hong Kong-style seafood palace, and ask the waiters to translate the specials posted on the walls. Don’t miss the spicy...Read More

1990 Best Chinese Restaurant

Chau Chow


Chau Chow stays open until 4 a.m. most nights, which makes it the best restaurant in Boston after midnight. The rest of the time (from 6 a.m.), it’s just the...Read More

1988 Best Chinese Restaurant

Carl’s Padoga


Tiny, open only for dinner, and BYOB, but Carl’s steamed fish has a legion of devotees...Read More

1985 Best Chinese Restaurant

Sally Ling’s


While the Boston Waterfront location is fancier, the Newton outpost of Ling’s gives better overall value...Read More

1984 Best Chinese Restaurant

Chef Chang’s House


Where else can you get Peking duck without calling ahead?

1983 Best Chinese Restaurant

Moon Villa


Regardless of the Globe Spotlight Team’s investigation into after-hours clubs and unlicensed premises serving alcohol, Moon Villa is a superlative restaurant. The waiters aren’t surly anymore, either. But know that...Read More

1982 Best Chinese Restaurant

Mary Chung


In recent years, Cambridge has become a cornucopia of good Chinese cooking. And Mary Chung, a newcomer, is the best...Read More

1981 Best Chinese Restaurant, Chinatown

China Pavillion


This one kind of snuck up on us. Excellent menu top to bottom (unusual for Chinatown), with outstanding dim sum and clams in black-bean sauce...Read More

1981 Best Chinese Restaurant, Outside Chinatown

Peking on Fresh Pond


A big, overdecorated room that kind of looks like a United Auto Workers hall gone oriental. The seafood’s excellent here, and the menu long and eclectic...Read More

1980 Best Chinese Restaurant, Chinatown

Carl’s Pagoda


It’s nice to see what happens when an owner—in this case Carl Seeto—makes an extra effort to handpick his raw materials...Read More

1980 Best Chinese Restaurant, Outside Chinatown

Hsing Hsing


The cuisine sings, sings. A small intimate kitchen adept at Szechuan and Mandarin cuisine...Read More

1980 Best Chinese Restaurant, Fern Bar

Yangtze River


Who would go to a Chinese restaurant decorated with ferns and butcher’s block? What about Bogart’s? Oh...Read More

1975 Best Chinese Restaurant, Peking Style

Peking on Mystic


If Chairman Mao came to town, this is where he would eat. Peking on Fresh Pond, 307 Fresh Pond Parkway, Cambridge, is also excellent...Read More

1975 Best Chinese Restaurant, Cantonese Style

The Moon Villa


Fresh ingredients imaginatively combined make for out-of-this-world Chinese...Read More

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