Best Children's Clothing in Boston

2014 Best Children's Clothing

Bringing Up Baby


Whether your brood’s in tow out of necessity or to ensure accurate sizing, Bringing Up Baby makes the experience both convenient (the nursing and changing room) and fun (a toys…Read More

2013 Best Children's Clothing

Mulberry Road


This was a winner in our 2013 Best of Boston Readers’ Poll. See all the 2013 winners…Read More

2013 Best Children's Clothing

Lester Harry’s


Spending time in the serene and lovely Lester Harry’s is like entering a magical portal to a land where babies don’t ever cry or spit up, and there are no…Read More

2012 Best Children's Clothing

Lester Harry’s


The atmosphere at this Newbury Street store is more gallery than Gymboree. The precious collection of baby- and kidswear is set against a backdrop of chandeliers and hardwood floors. The…Read More

2011 Best Children's Clothing

The Red Wagon


This shop provides a variety of styles to fit a variety of budgets: Leather motorcycle jackets are perfect for the itsy-bitsy easy rider, while turquoise tutus will brighten a wannabe…Read More

2010 Best Children's Clothing

Twinkle Star


Hey, we have no quibbles with Winnie the Pooh’s red belly shirt or Corduroy’s hobo-chic overalls. Our storybook buds have long proven they can work the one-piece look. Kids need…Read More

2009 Best Children's Clothing

Lester Harry’s


Instead of being bigger versions of Cabbage Patch dolls, kids here are littler versions of our best-dressed selves. That means ruffled frocks by Splendid and Twelfth Street, snappy orange cargos…Read More

2008 Best Children's Clothing

Wild Child


Tons of children’s boutiques overflow with precious, sit-and-look-pretty outfits, missing the salient fact that sitting still (let alone pretty) is not in the average tyke’s skill set. For clothes that…Read More

2007 Best Children's Clothing



The clothes found at this Beacon Hill retailer are a neatly balanced mix of sweet (Imps and Elfs overalls and Izod button-ups), cool (Chip and Pepper jeans, distressed Kingsley skeleton…Read More

2005 Best Children's Clothing

Pixie Stix


These days, kids’ fashion sense is outpacking their growth spurts. So when Pixie Stix opened this year, it gave budding shopaholics and tagalong moms something to cheer about. The chic…Read More

2003 Best Children's Clothing

Lester Harry’s


The European skin-care products are almost too posh for the too-young-to-toddle set, but Lester Harry’s boutique stocks plenty of functional elegance, too. If cozy robes won’t keep the cold out…Read More

2001 Best Children's Clothing

The Red Wagon


The majority of this store’s lines are stylish and durable, designed for kids who like to stand out from the crowd without standing still. The sales staff is always willing…Read More

2000 Best Children's Clothing

Kenzie Kids

Chestnut Hill

Parents of junior fashionistas (high-maintenance babies, temperamental toddlers and jaded juniors who simply must have the latest in designer togs) can find relief here. In addition to everyday wear, Kenzie…Read More

1999 Best Children's Clothing



It’s bright and in-your-face, and it has a sense of humor. Kids love the funky designs and parents appreciate the wash and wear…Read More

1997 Best Children's Clothing

Petit Patapon


This is the place to find classic kids’ clothing that’s long on style, short on gimmicks, and sans European price tags. The store caters to infants right on through preteens,…Read More

1995 Best Children's Clothing

Saturday’s Child


Not for the faint-hearted when it comes to price, but if you’re looking for something more original than Gap Kids, this is the place. Also, in the Zephyr annex, interesting…Read More

1994 Best Children's Clothing

Children’s Orchard


If your kids are growing faster than your budget, trot over to the Children’s Orchard, a resale boutique for children’s outgrown clothing (up to size 12) and baby accessories. The…Read More

1992 Best Children's Clothing

Sears, Roebuck & Company

Good selection, competitive prices, and a no-hassle return policy. Should the clothes wear out before the kids do, Sears will replace them at no charge…Read More

1990 Best Children's Clothing

Cot’n Kidz


Somehow, the two moms who own this store have managed to stock it full of environmentally correct clothes (natural fibers and cloth diaper systems) that are bright, attractive, and moderately…Read More

1989 Best Children's Clothing

Gap Kids


Good, basic clothes at good, basic prices. Make children look like children…Read More

1988 Best Children's Clothing



Good selection and prices, and kids run free…Read More

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