Best Chef, General Excellence in Boston


Tiffani Faison, Tiger Mama and Sweet Cheeks


Despite stints under legends Daniel Boulud and Alain Ducasse and three tours of duty on Top Chef, it feels like Tiffani Faison is just getting started. A culinary chameleon who’s…Read More

2015 Best Chef, General Excellence

Tim Wiechmann, Bronwyn, T.W. Food


Under the watchful eye of Tim Wiechmann, T. W. Food has hummed along for years as a warm Cambridge bistro serving seriously progressive food. Wiechmann’s skill in marrying German fare...Read More

2014 Best Chef, General Excellence

Tim Maslow, Strip-T’s, Ribelle

When Tim Maslow arrived in Boston from New York a few years ago to overhaul his father’s Watertown café, he made waves with his brash flavors and witty presentations—so much...Read More

2013 Best Chef, General Excellence

Jason Bond, Bondir


Bond showcases New England’s bounty like no one else in town, dreaming up quirky-beautiful dishes that feature lesser-known flora, like calaminth, angelica root, and carrot-shaped Shunkyo radishes. And if Bond...Read More

2012 Best Chef, General Excellence



We didn’t need last year’s Food & Wine accolades to tell us that Jamie Bissonnette rocks. The famously inked chef drives the two hottest spots in town—Toro and Coppa (co-owned...Read More

2011 Best Chef, General Excellence

Jamie Bissonnette, Coppa


He’s pushed diners’ expectations at kitchens across the city, from Tremont 647 and Clio to Pigalle and Toro. Then, at Coppa, Bissonnette got us all comfy—nay, obsessed—with eating as many...Read More

2010 Best Chef, General Excellence

Tony Maws, Craigie On Main


Reality-show appearances? Nope. Cookbooks? Not yet. Restaurants? Just one. In the era of the celebrity chef, Tony Maws is the rare example of a guy who just wants to cook....Read More

2009 Best Chef, General Excellence

Barbara Lynch, Barbara Lynch Gruppo

Not content merely to launch the city’s best new restaurant and upscale bar while keeping No. 9 Park, B&G Oysters, and the Butcher Shop running on all cylinders, Lynch is...Read More

2008 Best Chef, General Excellence

Tony Maws, Craigie Street Bistrot


It’s not just that his food is so good. Or that he writes some of the most imaginative menus around. It’s the Maws work ethic: nights in the kitchen and...Read More

2007 Best Chef, General Excellence

Barbara Lynch


At Lynch’s three stellar and very different restaurants, the spectrum of dishes—from No. 9’s Pekin duck with grapefruit and pistachio to the Butcher Shop’s deluxe hot dog—reveals a skill range...Read More

2006 Best Chef, General Excellence

Tony Maws, Craigie On Main


Tony Maws is the anticelebrity chef. Undistracted by fame and fortune, he is laser focused on ferreting out the finest ingredients from local farms and transforming them in his cramped...Read More

2005 Best Chef, General Excellence

Barbara Lynch


The story of this Southie native turned nationally recognized chef is well known, but Lynch’s seven years of consistently excellent food and service have proven she’s no flash in the...Read More

2004 Best Chef, General Excellence

Michael Schlow


Being a great chef isn’t just about respecting good ingredients or cooking with passion. It’s also about being a good manager and building relationships with the guests you serve. Michael...Read More

2003 Best Chef, General Excellence

Ken Oringer, Clio


Oringer is fast becoming the Tom Hanks of Best of Boston. Oringer has captured the best-chef nod in three of the past four years—and the year he didn’t win, his...Read More

2002 Best Chef, General Excellence

Ken Oringer, Clio


Of the many honors chef Ken Oringer has won (a James Beard Award among them), this year’s nod as one of People magazine’s most eligible bachelors was perhaps the most...Read More

2001 Best Chef, General Excellence

Steve Johnson, The Blue Room


There is something to be said for dependability. In Steve Johnson’s case, it’s knowing that every time you visit his restaurant, you’ll be served a meal that is simply outstanding....Read More

2000 Best Chef, General Excellence

Ken Oringer, Clio


From behind the range at the haute Clio restaurant in the Eliot Hotel, chef Ken Oringer has managed to create masterpieces of the culinary variety. He is an avant-garde artist....Read More

1999 Best Chef, General Excellence

Michael Schlow, Radius


In the four years since Michael Schlow moved to Boston, he has become not just a major figure on the local culinary scene, but on the national ones as well....Read More

1998 Best Chef, General Excellence

Steve Johnson


An alumnus of Chris Schlesinger’s East Coast Grill and Gordon Hamersley’s eponymous bistro, Johnson is the quintessential product of Boston’s familial and sometimes incestuous restaurant scene. Bridging the gap between...Read More

1997 Best Chef, General Excellence

Jody Adams


If she’s good enough for the James Beard Foundation, she’s good enough for us. Some people complain about the through-the-roof prices—they’re just whiners. Not only is the food inspired, fresh,...Read More

1996 Best Chef, General Excellence

Micahel Schlow and Paul Connors, Cafe Louis


Can you get great food in a clothing store? At Louis, the answer is yes, thanks to the elegant simplicity of Michael Schlow’s cooking. Also don’t miss the superb desserts...Read More

1983 Best Chef, General Excellence

Odette Berry, Another Season


Berry, a fixture in the city’s gourmet circles for some time, is starting to get the recognition she deserves...Read More

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