Best Candy in Boston


Party Favors


Party accessories may be this Coolidge Corner’s true raison d’être, but the candy selection alone is worth a celebration. Bins of chocolate-covered Jordan almonds, Haribo gummy bears and sour fruits,…Read More

2001 Best Candy, Store

Dairy Fresh Candies


It’s hard to decide whether Dairy Fresh deserves our vote more for its nonpareil assortment of confections or for its friendly and informative staff. Its two narrow rooms are packed...Read More

1996 Best Candy, Store

Dairy Fresh Candies


This store is packed with tempting goodies—specialty chocolates from local candy makers, imported Italian sweets, bags of familiar and exotic dried fruits and nuts, holiday novelties, candied mint and roses,...Read More

1992 Best Candy, Store

Dairy Fresh Candies


Nothing fancy—just fireballs, Mexican Hats, Boston Baked Beans, and Gummi bears at fair prices...Read More

1985 Best Candy, Store

Phillips Candy House


So confident of their excellence that they offer to send you a free tasting kit including competitors’ wares...Read More

1981 Best Candy

Chocolate Box


Hand-dipped chocolates, including a variety of chocolate truffles—orange, coffee, walnut, mint, and others. All superb...Read More

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