Best Cake in Boston


Party Favors


Whether you want a cake covered in flowers, ballerinas, or baseballs, this is the place. Not only does the cake taste great (especially the frosting), the decorators can reproduce any…Read More

1998 Best Cake, Birthday

May’s Cake House


The problem with most birthday cakes is that the better they look— all flowers and scrolls— the worse they taste. May, bless her heart, has solved the dilemma. She compliments...Read More

1998 Best Cake, Ice Cream

The Ice Cream Works


The best thing about an ice cream cake is that once it comes out of the freezer, the party has to begin. Think of two of your favorite flavors of...Read More

1997 Best Cake, Birthday

Alden Merrell


Alden Merrell’s chocolate-fudge layer cake, topped with a velvety sour-cream frosting, is so rich and delicious, you’ll actually look forward to your birthday. For something a little different, try the...Read More

1996 Best Cake, Whipped-Cream

Peach’s & Cream


They have a way with cream here, in pastries and cakes. Best of all is the signature Peach’s & Cream Cake: layers of light, moist golden cake, delectable pastry cream,...Read More

1995 Best Cake

This Takes the Cake


This Takes the Cake specializes in cakes that are as delicious as they are beautiful. Try the classic combination of moist golden cake with chocolate butter-cream frosting—made with real butter....Read More

1992 Best Cake, Chocolate, Light

Japonaise Bakery


Honestly, we don’t know whether it has fewer calories than any other chocolate cake, but we can eat a dozen slices of this featherweight chocolate banana cake without feeling guilty....Read More

1991 Best Cake, Chocolate

East Coast Grill


Chef Chris Schlesinger takes us back to the wonder years with his super chocolate mayonnaise cake. (The mayo’s in the batter...Read More)

1982 Best Cake, Carrot

Sweet Sis

West Newton

Incredibly moist and fragrant was our consensus. And why is it that all of a sudden Newton has become a hotbed of culinary art?

1981 Best Cake, Chocolate

Rosie’s Bakery


We’re thinking of the Chocolate Orgasm, a fudge brownie with chocolate frosting...Read More

1979 Best Cake, Chocolate

Rigo Jancsi, Black Forest Bakery


Cake filled with the chocolate rum mousse. Absurdly rich, and inspired by the seventeenth-century Viennese violinist who broke all the ladies’ hearts. At least that’s chef Margo Milazzo’s story. And...Read More

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