Best Burger in Boston

2015 Best Burger



This Watertown hang’s Moxie-slicked chicken wings, fried-cauliflower-stuffed sub, and romaine salad crowned with oxtail and a poached egg get their share of accolades. But don’t overlook Paul and Tim Maslow’s…Read More

2014 Best Burger

The Kirkland Tap & Trotter


At Craigie on Main, Tony Maws’s cultish burger is available off the menu, in limited quantities only. At Maws’s new gastropub, the Kirkland Tap & Trotter, however, his cheeseburger—a peppery…Read More

2012 Best Burger



We’re in the midst of a burger craze in this city, which means that patty-to-bun ratios and cheese-melt quality have become as dissected and discussed as Sox ERAs and OBPs….Read More

2011 Best Burger

The Bristol Lounge


The best-loved burgers in Boston fall into two camps: the frills-free fast-food type (Flat Patties, Tasty Burger) and the oversize variety topped with high-end accoutrements (Radius, Craigie on Main). Bristol’s…Read More

2009 Best Burger



Burger slinging has come a long way from the Bartley’s-Sully’s turf wars of yore. Now a groundswell of ground-beef mania has chefs experimenting with custom meat blends, artisanal bunwork, and…Read More

2008 Best Burger

Mr. Bartley’s


As a country, we take our hamburgers seriously; they are, after all, our native food. Luckily, the fine citizens at Mr. Bartley’s offer more than 20 top-notch variations, each reasonably…Read More

2008 Best Burger

Mr. Bartley’s Burger Cottage


As a country, we take our hamburgers seriously; they are, after all, our native food. Luckily, the fine citizens at Mr. Bartley’s offer more than 20 top-notch variations, each reasonably…Read More

2007 Best Burger

R.F. O’Sullivan & Son


It’s the simplest tasks that often get botched worst—hence the surfeit of humble hamburgers served up dry, tough, and tasteless. The cooks at R. F. O’Sullivan are the most reliable…Read More

2006 Best Burger

Eagle’s Deli


When it comes to burgers, size matters. Test your gastrointestinal fortitude with Eagle’s Deli’s ‘small’ 1-pound Godzilla burger, topped with four slices of cheese and accompanied by a pound of…Read More

2005 Best Burger

R. F. O’Sullivan & Son


Ordering a Sully’s cheeseburger presents a delectable choice: Will it be cheddar, Swiss, or smoked Gouda? Boursin or bleu? These are just a few of the more than two dozen…Read More

2004 Best Burger

Tim’s Bar & Grill


Narrow, dark, and dingy, Tim’s is hardly where you’d expect to come across one of this city’s gastronomic standouts. But the kitchen here grills up the biggest, tastiest burgers you…Read More

2003 Best Burger

Mr. Bartley’s Burger Cottage


With comfort food topping the cravings charts these days, it’s no wonder that getting a table at Bartley’s has become an Olympic sport. The crowds come for the addictive handcut…Read More

2001 Best Burger

Tim’s Bar & Grill


This brick-walled South End hole in the wall reminiscent of an Alabama dive bar serves up the perfect antidote for a hot, sticky day: cool shade, cheap beer, and a…Read More

1999 Best Burger



Chef Ana Sortun’s North African/Mediterranean fare has revitalized this Harvard Square standby, but her version of one of the great American classics—the hamburger—is particularly winning. It’s not on the menu,…Read More

1998 Best Burger

Audubon Circle


Carnivores come out of the closet at this New American eatery near Audubon Circle— there’s nothing birdlike about the eating habits here. A mere $5.75 gets you 8 ounces of…Read More

1997 Best Burger

The Ritz-Carlton Hotel


Okay, for $11 it should be the best. But if you’re going to pay $7.95 for a so-so burger elsewhere, why not splurge for the extra three bucks and live…Read More

1990 Best Burger



Big, fat and juicy—the sort of burgers that made America the home of the brave…Read More

1989 Best Burger

Tim’s Tavern


We cried when Chef Chandler moved around the corner. But at least we can still get the best burgers at lunch (and only lunch) when Ray Garcia is manning the…Read More

1988 Best Burger

Bull & Finch Pub


Yeah, we know it’s the “Cheers” bar, and it’s full of tourists, but the burgers are satisfying, traditional, and done as ordered. Tell the tourists to take their cameras elsewhere…Read More

1986 Best Burger

Division Sixteen


Yes, they’re too big; yes, they’re too expensive; and yes, they’re still served with the best fries in town…Read More

1981 Best Burger

Buddy’s Sirloin Pit


Edges out Bartley’s, another Harvard Square institution. The ambience leaves something to be desired, though…Read More

1978 Best Burger



Lean prime ground sirloin stuffed with your choice of cheddar, Swiss, American, Boursin, or blue cheese and tomato, pepper, onion, mushroom, bacon, or spinach. Served on an onion roll with…Read More

1975 Best Burger

Bartley’s Burger Cottage


Bartley’s Burger Cottage, 1246 Mass. Ave., Cambridge, just can’t be beat. These burgers are fashioned from prime meat, and cooked with so much care that it borders on affair…Read More

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